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The 212 VIP Universe is reunited with the launch of the newfragrance 212 VIP Black

Carolina Herrera returns to dazzle us with the launch of a new fragrance that seeks to reinvigorate the essence of the iconic collection, 212 VIP: 212 VIP Black. This new masculine fragrance joins the 212 VIP universe and takes a man by storm in a haze of sensuality and boldness, and reveals an elegant and adventurous character just like the men who wear it.
212 VIP Black, together with 212 VIP Men, 212 VIP y 212 VIP Rosé, are the headliners of this global relaunch of a new 212 VIP universe that will capture feelings of newness, desire, emotion and sophistication.
Developed as a collaboration with experimental perfumer Carlos Benaim, 212 VIP Black is as sexy cocktail with touches of amber and absinthe, and layered with lavender and leather. On the skin, it’s an additive, sensual and bold masculine fragrance, an invitation to transc end the established and create your own rules.
Behind this philosophy, 212 VIP assembled a group of young talents from different walks of life, diverse in their personalities, cultures and nationalities, to be its nightlife crew. Young, authentic and enthusiastic about bringing their unique style to this universe, their spontaneity makes each see life differently. Each one brings their touch
and essence to this legendary brand as a gang, led by charismatic Cameron Dallas, it girl Hailey Baldwin and top
model Taylor Hill. The campaign was shot by worldrenowned photographer Mario Testino, who lent his iconic eye to memorializing these heroes of the party. But it’s not just these three —the whole gang includes a group of
charismatic characters of models, actors and musicians: Xavi Serrano, Pepe Barroso Jr., Lucas Satherley, Raury, Aidan Walsh, Martinez Brothers, Steffy Argelich, Stav Strashko, Sonia Ben Ammar, Maria Borges and Inka Williams.
Faithful to the essence of the brand, 212 VIP Black is filtered through one of the most epic parties of New York, with an exclusive guest list, filled with all of the glamour of the city. It’s the new hotspot, found in a luxurious house where the freedom and energy of the night come alive. This exclusive event, for the campaign’s 2.0 launch, brought together the gang for a real- life ash, Own The Party , a mantra that invites to be our best selves, engaging with our body and souls to be authentic, and above all, love the life we live.
Create your own rules, create your own night. Get this party started!

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