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5G Trial in Lebanon, a significant milestone by Alfa and Ericsson

The first trial of 5G technology in Lebanon carried out by Alfa and Ericsson has demonstrated the capabilities of this advanced technology live on the ground with an impressive result of internet speed of up to 25Gbps.

The demonstration in real live environment is an important step for us to show the potential of 5G, prove the developed concepts, and examine how the boundaries can be pushed to have 5G meeting the expectations and needs.

5G technology is expected to deliver better, faster mobile broadband for consumers, and enable video everywhere, with 5G networks kicking off a new era where all things will be connected. It will revolutionize lives, economies, and societies, and bring us not only a change in mobile communication, but also a change in our lifestyles, leading to economies enhancement and supporting a wide range of innovative new services across different industries.

This trial is part of Ericsson and Alfa collaboration and further step towards strengthening the successful partnership between the two companies.

5G becoming a reality in Lebanon

The dawn of 5G will have positive repercussions in Lebanon, paving the way to benefit from the digital transformation and gaining enormously from 5G.

The latter is the foundation that will enable better connections and digital integration of a myriad range of cutting-edge technologies and services, from IoT to self-driving cars, to virtual reality,  to remote surgery, thus creating new jobs, new opportunities for revenues, and resulting in various sectors’ growth especially banking and tourism.

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