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Abu Dhabi celebrates World Heritage Day at Al Ain Palace Museum


The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) is organising an event to celebrate World Heritage Day at Al Ain Palace Museum, as part of the Al Ain Region’s cultural programme for this season.

The event, which takes place on World Heritage Day on Thursday 18 April, as well as the following day on Friday, 19 April, will be held under the theme ‘Rustic Landscapes’. It aims to promote and enrich the cultural heritage of humanity and raise awareness of the importance of preserving it, particularly natural landscapes. It is also aims to further efforts to overcome relevant challenges relating to cultural heritage, ensuring it lives on through future generations, and highlighting how such efforts are directly linked to sustainability and development goals.

During the event, Al Ain Palace Museum will be divided into four sections that represent the UAE’s natural rustic environment. Organised in collaboration with Al Ain City Municipality, the ‘Agricultural Environment’ section will showcase innovative products handmade from palm tree parts, combining the traditional and modern. These products include uniquely designed traditional furniture, such as sunshades, benches, chairs and tables, as well as variety of flowerpots. Additionally, the section will screen special footage on Al Ain’s aflaj, oases and agricultural life.

The ‘Desert Environment’ section, prepared in cooperation with Al Ain Zoo, will include several desert animals from the zoo, as well as live demonstrations by birds of prey and explanations and insights into desert life. The ‘Marine Environment’ section will see demonstrations on how to make local fishing nets – known as Qaraqir – and how they are used to catch fish.

The event will also contain the ‘Children’s Village’, which aims to familiarise children with Emirati heritage by organising ‘learning through play’ activities, such as traditional competitions and riddles about the UAE’s heritage, cultural sites and other landmarks. Adding to its wide range of cultural family activities and educational workshops for children, the village will host heritage cartoon characters, as well as the Studio Aks 1, which allows visitors to chronicle their activities at the Palace while wearing traditional Emirati clothing.

The two-day event will also feature kiosks offering authentic Emirati dishes, live traditional art performances, Al Ayyala dances, marine art performances, and live handicraft demonstrations.

The World Heritage Day event, which takes place on 18-19 April 2019 from 5pm to 9pm, is free to enter for visitors of all ages.

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