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“ACT” ( active communities for tomorrow) releases its new project

What happens to the thousands of billboards featuring political campaigns after the elections are over?

UPCYCLING THE ELECTIONS – which entails the “reuse of Election advertising banners” is an environmental and humanitarian project initiated by ACT and funded by FRIEDRICH EBERT STIFTUNG FOUNDATION with the support of the British Embassy and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

This project seeks to transform potential environmental threats into innovative humanitarian opportunities and actions by transforming the electoral campaign billboard material into new school bags for public school students. Not only does this project transform waste into empowering gestures of support, but it also covers the need of many students with the start of the academic year.

The project was launched by distributing around 4000 school bags to more than 35 public schools in Akkar, Tripoli, Baabda, Chouf, and Beirut and its suburbs. The beneficiaries will be students of the intermediate level, aged between 10 and 16 years.


Mr. Fadi Yarak , DG of Education at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education,  has visited  Beirut 2 School for Girls to participate in an awareness session about this project shedding the light on the importance of re-use of non-recyclable materials and its environmental footprint.


With the reuse of non-recyclable advertising banner material , ACT reduces its negative impact in an effective and innovative way to support families and institutions ;  aiming at supporting the right to education.


ACT aims to implement its objectives by producing and supplying a larger number school bags hence supporting a wider number of children on a national level in the upcoming years through fostering bridges of collaboration with non-governmental and private organizations under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.


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