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ADDED combines its employees with special needs in a variety of sport competitions

In cooperation and coordination with UAE Special Needs, Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has organized a number of sports competitions in coincidence with the 4th edition of the National Sports Day 2019 under the slogan #Emirates_Unites_Us, combining about 50 people from ADDED’s staff with the people of determination taking part in the Special Olympics World Games 2019 in basketball, badminton and running.


H.E. Ghanem Mohammed Al Fandi Al Mazroui, the Executive Director of Support Services Sector at ADDED, stressed on the Department’s support of community sports in the UAE through the participation of all segments of the community in the events, competitions and activities organized and hosted by the UAE, strengthening the values of tolerance adopted by the UAE this year and reflecting the slogan of this year’s National Sports Day “Emirates Unites Us”.


He pointed out that organizing this initiative is part of the social responsibility initiatives in the “Year of Tolerance”, mainly aiming to enhance the culture of exercising sports and strengthen social relations between all segments of the UAE society by consolidating the people of determination in all community activities, thus making sports a lifestyle and enlightening people on the healthy lifestyle.

He added that ADDED is keen on participating in the activities that target sports events that raise awareness of all segments of the society in order to enhance their perception and conscience to help them think positively.

The events comprised sports competition in three teams (basketball, badminton and running) in which the people of determination participated with ADDED’s staff in a lively competitive atmosphere, conveying the message that sports are not for one category and that people of determination are able to take the challenge and to excel.

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