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Under the patronage and in the presence of  H.E. the Minister of Telecommunications Jamal Jarrah, Alfa, managed by Orascom TMT, opened its new store in Jeb Jannine, its eleventh in Lebanon.
This store is part of Alfa’s strategy to expand its retail network in the context of the new Flagship concept, which is in line with innovation and technological development in customer service.

The opening ceremony was attended by Alfa Chairman and CEO Marwan Hayek, MP Mohammad Al Qarawi, former MPs Amin Wehbe and Antoine Saad, in addition to municipal officials and social figures from the region and Alfa’s administrative body.


In his address, Hayek said: “This is Alfa’s 11th store and the second one we open within the new flagship concept that we launched with the first branch at the company’s headquarters in Dekwaneh, as part of our strategy to cover all the Lebanese territory. This store will serve 2,000 subscribers a month, and we can double the capacity, if necessary. The opening of this store is part of our new strategy to stay abreast of technological developments in the way we deliver our services to subscribers in line with the services standards offered by operators around the world”.

Hayek thanked Minister Jarrah for his support, which was “essential to achieving such expansion in all the regions”. He added: “Along with the expansion of the Alfa chain of stores, we continue to modernize the network by increasing the number of stations with 500 new ones. More specifically, the vast Bekaa region has a shortage of stations with 130 stations, of which 25 are located in the West Bekaa. We will double this number in the coming months by adding 110 new stations, reaching about 240 stations in the entire Bekaa region, 15 of which will be located in the West Bekaa, and we will also add 12 stations in ??Rashaya.
Minister Jarrah pointed to the importance of development in the West Bekaa and Rashaya, where all telecommunications services should be available and properly developed to serve all citizens.

“I thank Mr. Hayek for his rapid response to our plan for the development of the West Bekaa and Rashaya, in terms of opening new centers so that we can better serve citizens. Today, we are in Jeb Jannine, the capital of the West Bekaa that provides all government and state services”.

“To address the issue of coverage, Alfa has set an ambitious and well-thought-out plan to upgrade the networks in the West Bekaa, Rashaya, and all of Lebanon, so that citizens can enjoy seamless calls. This process will not be materialized in one or two days and it needs time, but the most important is that we have started to install towers to enhance coverage, in addition to the new services and offers launched by Alfa which address prices and provide better and more affordable rates. Citizens are not well-informed about these offers yet and hence they will be introduced to citizens via media campaigns”.

In response to a question about the government, Jarrah said, “We all know that H.E. Prime Minister Saad Hariri is making every effort to form a government as soon as possible despite all the obstacles. It is obvious that this has become an urgent matter, as citizens are paying the price economically and on the job front, especially that we should take advantage of the Cedar conference results, which allocated 12 Billion dollars for the Lebanese infrastructure development. Such opportunity may be the last chance for the country’s development and prosperity”.

“As Prime Minister Hariri said, everyone should forget their differences and think of the state and the national interest. When we all make sacrifices, we overlook personal interest for the sake of national interest, and the number of ministers will no longer matter”.

“All decisions in the Council of Ministers are taken unanimously, thus helping the country’s development. Political conflicts are against the interest of the country”.

He pointed out that the consensus between H.E. President General Michel Aoun and H.E. Prime Minister Hariri had led to great achievements for the past government, hoping that the new government will also continue with this achievement through optimal cooperation between all authorities.


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