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Ariston Offers Consumers in the Middle East the Revolutionary Energy Efficient Natis Washing Machine

Ariston has introduced its new Natis washing machine with the most advanced anti-stain technology, that ensures excellent anti-stain performance at 20° keeping fabrics and colours completely safe.

Powered by the Direct Injection and the Digital Motion Technology, the new washing machine offers effective control on washing performances with low temperatures that remove more than 100 stains @ only 20° . The Natis washing machine is also equipped with a powerful brushless inverter motor that creates 10 different drum motions during a single wash cycle, to remove any kind of stains without pre-treatment.

Direct Injection is a system that premixes water and detergent before washing to create an active mousse that faster penetrates into the fibers with +60% of cleaning power to remove stains at 20°* and keep fabrics and colours safe; Digital Motion Technology guarantees a more precise drum dynamics control, reaching up to 10 different movements studied to treat and remove any kind of stains.

Moreover, Ariston’s new washing machine range also offers specific programs on stain removal, adapted to your lifestyle. In particular, the Turbo Anti-Stain Cycle is an exclusive and effective quick cycle that removes up to 40 stubborn stains in just 45 minutes at only 20°.

Ariston takes care of you with additional features in order to deeply understand and enrich your home experience.  This new range has an anti-microbic treatment for the total health care and hygiene that reduces bacteria proliferation up to 99.9%. It is also equipped with Energy Efficiency & Water Consumption Savings which are guaranteed by the innovative Eco Rain thanks to which water and energy consumption is drastically reduced, and it makes the new washing machine Ariston’s greenest-ever range with A+++ -40%.

Innovation is not just technology. It is quality of materials, new trends’ study and more. With the new chromed finishing, larger display, innovative program indication and rotation knob, the result is the Natis Washing Machine in a stunning eye-catching design with excellent usability. Removal of more than 100 of the most stubborn stains at only 20° preserving colors and fabrics: the unique promise of a new range.

The Ariston Natis washing machine is available across major retail and dealer stores across the Middle East.

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