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Audi survey reveals preference for servicing at official dealerships in the UAE

Yet many motorists shun main dealers in favour of ‘fast-fit’ outlets or small local garages, with 88 percent of people surveyed who preferred to have their car serviced by local mechanics saying that they felt it was a cheaper option.

Jeff Stag, After Sales Manager at Audi Abu Dhabi suggests otherwise: “Next time your car needs a service don’t automatically assume that your trusted independent garage or local “fast-fit” outlet is the cheapest option. Often the main dealer offers better value and we check our pricing weekly against local competition for like repairs to ensure we remain competitive on price.

While non-official garages may seem cheaper, it’s likely to be a false economy as they often do not use genuine parts, so a brand approved servicing will likely prove a money-saving move in the long run. We work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied, so our repairs are guaranteed, meaning you only have to fix the problem once. We are also often able to do the job with lower labour costs as our expertise means we can often complete the job faster. What’s more, we can provide extra benefits like software updates or non-essential recall work while servicing your car, at no additional cost.

It is also worth checking your car insurance before taking your car for repair, as most reputable insurers offer agency repairs on your brand-new car. You should always request for agency repair when renewing your insurance policy to ensure a manufacturer’s standard, quality repair.”

Of those shunning official dealerships, 85 percent feel that it is more convenient to have their car serviced at a neighborhood garage. Speed of service was also an added concern for over half of people who preferred local mechanics, with 81% of respondents feeling that official service centers would source parts and fix their car more slowly.

However, Stagg adds: “Local garages may seem appealing but official dealerships are more competitive in speed, quality and price than you might think. For example, at Audi Abu Dhabi, the majority of services are completed within 24 hours.”


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