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Bally Spring Summer 2019 – Men & Women

The open road beckons once more. An adventure inspired by photographic road trips in which retro sportswear inspired by 1970’s and 80’s colour photo hues is given a modern contemporary spin. Bally’s carefree wanderlust yearns to discover a simpler time and place disconnecting if only temporary, from today’s hyper-connected world. By escaping a bit, a connection to Bally’s luxury roots in Schônenwerd, Switzerland is found again. Not left behind is the desire for ease, comfort and functionality in stylish sportswear and accessories. Let the journey home begin.

The Mood

In line with Bally’s pioneer spirt, spring summer 2019 draws inspiration from two fine art photographers with journalistic leanings who led the colour photography art boom in the 1970’s though separate cross-country road trips. On these quests, they captured the ordinary in extraordinary photographs, especially in Los Angeles and parts of California.

Both photographers created images marked by a bold colour saturation mixed with muted vintage sepia tones. Taking a passer-by approach, Joel Sternfeld’s images capture plain every-day and often ironic vignettes of American life migrating from the urban scrum to the expansive open road, particularly evident in a 1983 photograph of a father and son from Canyon County California. Contemporary Stephen Shore’s snapshots elevate the banality of everyday circumstances and objects which are channeled throughout collection with nostalgic touches.

Paying homage to the warm glow of a California sunset, Spring 2019 is presented in a monochromatic peach set styled as a flea market bazaar quite similar to a roadside rummage sale.

The Archive

Bally’s rich archives are considered with each collection. For Spring 2019 references of Bally’s Swiss home in Schönenwerd are extracted. Select archive styles of shoes and bags are revisited in modern interpretations. A ribbon-style Bally logo from a 1940 Reynold Vuilleumier advertising poster is seen on clothes and shoes.


Launching new key styles for a 2019 drop with first-time eyewear partner Marcolin, eyewear reflects the palette and laidback ease of the season. The unisex styles juxtapose two very different silhouettes, each evoking a luxe retro cool. An oversized and square acetate frame, almost shield-like, allow for voyeuristic observance while revisited aviators with a geometric reflective lens shade the world in yellow and pink tones in a nod to the carefree era of Shores and Sternfelds photography.


Bally owns the designer sneaker category having made the first one in the 1930’s. Spring 2019 marks two key introductions which include sizes for both men and women. The Vulko sneaker in both hi-top and low-top offerings feature longitude and latitude coordinates stamped on the outsole for Schônenwerd, Switzerland, nod to Bally’s progressive style-homecoming. Also, key is the reissue of the Bally Champion sneaker worn by Swiss tennis great Jakob Hlasek in 1990.

The Bally Woman

Not one to follow the crowd, the Bally woman possesses a quiet confidence and strength of freedom that guides her on her own path. Unfussy and insouciant, she is an avid wanderer creating memories with pieces collected along the journey which make up her unique point of view.

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