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Bank Audi Consolidated Activity Highlights as at End-September 2018

Sustained profits growth

  • US$ 410 million of net profits in 9M-18, increasing by 20% over the same period of 2017
  • US$ 132 million of net profits generated from entities abroad, representing 32% of total profits
  • 8% cost to income ratio in 9M-18, compared to 51.4% in the same period of 2017
  • 4% of return on average common equity, improving from 13.4% in 2017


                        Key balance sheet metrics

  • US$ 45.7 billion of consolidated assets
  • US$ 30.9 billion of consolidated customers’ deposits
  • US$ 13.7 billion of consolidated net loans
  • US$ 3.1 billion of common shareholders’ equity and US$ 3.8 billion of total shareholders’ equity


                        Reinforced financial standing

  • 4% of CET1 ratio and 18.2% of total capital adequacy ratio
  • 4% of primary liquidity to customers’ deposits ratio
  • 5% of gross doubtful loans to gross loans ratio,
  • 107% coverage of doubtful loans by specific provisions and real guarantees

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