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Bank Audi has been subject to a campaign spreading fabricated cheap and untruthful rumors

The Bank denounces these false and malicious rumors, which are completely unfounded and vain, and constitute criminal acts punishable by law.


All necessary legal actions and proceedings are currently being taken against the perpetrators, participants and contributors to the spreading of such acts, before the official authorities, notably the judicial and security authorities, to which we are thankful for all their efforts, in Lebanon, abroad and in particular in the Republic of Iraq where the perpetrator’s IP address is located.

Bank Audi warns anyone against spreading, distributing or publishing those false and erroneous rumors, and reserves the right to take all legal actions, especially before criminal courts.


Given its distinguished position in the banking sector, Bank Audi sees no need to reconfirm its commitment to all applicable rules of compliance, transparency, fighting money laundering and financial crimes, both in Lebanon and abroad, which has allowed the Bank to maintain excellent relationships with correspondent banks and with the relevant local and international regulatory authorities.

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