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Bassoul-Heneine Sal Showcases the BMW X2 at the Beirut Design Fair.

In continued support of Lebanon’s vibrant arts and culture scene, Bassoul-Heneine Sal, the oldest BMW importer in the world, took part in the 2nd Edition of Beirut Design Fair 2018 with a special showcase featuring the all new BMW X2.


The BMW X2 made its appearance at the Beirut Design Fair, dedicated to collectible and limited edition contemporary or vintage furniture and design objects. Beirut Design Fair targets the creative youth in Beirut. Likewise, this Sports Activity Coupe, with its inimitable character appeals most strongly to young, extroverted and active drivers who attach great value to individuality, genuine fun at the wheel and lifestyle matters, without wanting to leave themselves short on functionality.


Bringing impeccable design of its own to the Beirut Design Fair, the interior of the BMW X2 blends signature BMW elements, such as a pronounced driver focus and dynamic lines, with the understated ruggedness of a BMW X model. The high-class quality of the BMW X2 and its impressive level of equipment, even in the basic version, are both instantly apparent. Bassoul-Heneine Sal, the official BMW importer in Lebanon has welcomed the attractive, exciting, extrovert new BMW X2 in March 2018 before presenting it to the creative class at Beirut Design Fair.


Nagy Heneine, General Manager for Commercial Affairs at Bassoul-Heneine Sal, said: “We have always been an avid supporter of Lebanon’s arts and culture scene and continue to look for ways in which to be a part of this movement. Bringing together members of the Lebanese creative community, this year’s Beirut Design Fair was the ideal platform for us to do just that. We were delighted to showcase the BMW X2 to all the festival’s artists, creators and visitors, and at this well-established Beirut Design Fair.”

Beirut Design Fair took place in its second edition at the Seaside from 20 – 23 September 2018.

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