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Bellevue Medical Center Opens a Multidisciplinary Diabetes Center

In line with its commitment to provide the best services to its patients accompanied by accurate follow-up, Bellevue Medical Center (BMC) opened its Multidisciplinary Diabetes Center, composed of specialized doctors in endocrinology, cardiology, nephrology, neurology, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, nutrition in addition to a diabetes educator. The center was inaugurated in a ceremony held at the hospital’s auditorium and attended by physicians, healthcare professionals and members of the community.

This special center is characterized by its comprehensive new approach to treating diabetes patients, aiming to reduce the complications of this chronic disease, which can develop into strokes, renal failure, loss of sight, amputation of lower extremities and other risks that may affect the patient’s health in case they are not addressed by the necessary awareness and education.


The Center’s advanced services offer educational guidance on daily diabetes testing, including directions on the right way to inject the insulin and the importance of systematical intake of medicine to control diabetes and sugar stocks, as well as nutritional and sports advice. Moreover, the Center provides a multidisciplinary care plan to each patient willing helping them understand the disease and co-exist with it in a positive and natural way.


Dr. George El-Hajj, Head of Endocrinology Department at BMC, said: “The ratio of diabetes in Lebanon is increasing because of the lack of awareness and education, hence the importance of the follow up. The health of the patient is at the core of our priorities at BMC, which was the reason behind opening the Diabetes Center where every patient is carefully and individually addressed to live with the disease as a normal person.”


In line with the opening of the Center, BMC launched an awareness campaign in a series of interactive activities to raise awareness around the disease. In fact, two days of free diabetes screening tests and blood pressure level were offered to the public, during which nutritionists and pharmacists provided education on diets and available medicines. The hospital will also collaborate with Hazmieh Municipality to provide the general public with a special awareness day on the disease, on March 10th, involving specialists from various fields. The day will include free tests for diabetes stocks, blood pressure, ECG and others, and vouchers will be distributed to the participants to urge them to take care of their health and conduct a free medical examination at the new Center.

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