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Benta Pharma Industries reaches promising results in studies aimed at eradicating diabetes

Lebanese researchers have found promising results for studies and experiments conducted on animals to eradicate diabetes and are preparing to launch clinical trials on patients with diabetes type 1 in Lebanon.

The research conducted by the Lebanese pharmaceutical company “Benta Pharma Industries” (BPI) focuses on reducing the amount of external insulin required and avoiding the patient’s need for immunosuppressive drugs.

BPI acquired the technology of encapsulating living organs with a highly specific technology which led to enabling the implantation of subcutaneous living encapsulated islets without the need of immunosuppressive therapy.

BPI is the first Lebanese drug manufacturing company to conduct clinical trials on humans for innovation therapies. The pilot clinical trials on diabetes are a first, in Lebanon and the Arab region, which will be steered by the company’s biotechnology division, in cooperation with an assembly of doctors and researchers in the field of endocrinology, diabetes, applied sciences and Encapsulife, an American company based in the United States.

The researchers have obtained promising data from the studies and experiments they have done on animals; such as rodents, canines and monkeys. The clinical protocol for these trials have been submitted to the Institutional Review Board (IRB), in order to start the tests immediately.

The donation of the human pancreas to these experiments is supervised by the National Organization for Organ and Tissues Donation and Transplantation (NOD-LB) in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Health.

BPI’s chairman Bernard Tannoury stated that “through this research, Lebanon will be able to contribute to achieving lifechanging health progress and development for all mankind.” He added: “We are proud of our research team and the Lebanese scientific competencies, and we believe that we have in Lebanon the capabilities and qualifications that allow us to achieve ground-breaking medical achievements, on a local and regional scale, when the necessary technological capabilities and support are available. He added, ” BPI will continuously support innovation research in Lebanon and this current project is among several ones currently being done. He concluded that BPI is determined to “go to the end of this scientific project and is ready to provide all the necessary resources for its full success and help change the lives of millions of people around the globe.”

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