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Broumana Villa and Broumana Square take over Summer 2018

In a memorable ceremony that gathered VIPs, loyal customers, media and influencers, Broumana Villa and Broumana Square had their official opening Wednesday, June 27 to welcome the new summer season.

The two high-end clusters house a very rich variety of restaurants where invitees had the opportunity to experience the wide range of cuisines and enjoy the evening with different entertaining shows that covered both venues.

Owner of Broumana Villa, Mr. Tony Tadros, along with Mr. Pierre Abou Jaoude, his co-partner in Broumana Square, welcomed their invitees to the very rich entertainment program that featured an array of artists ranging from several music performances, a mariachi band strolling between restaurants, the famous Ghazl el Banet girls band, a fusion singer and a Lebanese folkloric parade.

In describing the vision for undertaking such bold endeavours in Broumana, Mr. Tadros explained, “This is our way of honouring, reviving and giving back to our hometown a little of what we owe it. We wanted to create beautiful destinations to further enhance Broumana’s status as Lebanon’s leading summer resort and to attract new tourists to an area that has a lot to offer its visitors. We also wanted to highlight the many facets of day and night life in this charming town in the hope of improving its commerce and encouraging further investment and creating job and business opportunities.”

Broumana Villa features a collection of 12 eclectic restaurants, gastro bars, and cafés offering diverse cuisines in the heart of Broumana. These include Couqley, Kronfol, Mon Maki A Moi, Duo, BlackRock, Trumpet, Escobar, Batchig, and the street concepts Brgr.Co., Beirut Street Food Bites, Juice Box and Dunkin Donuts. In Phase One of the project, Broumana Square currently offers three dining options: Ahwak restaurant and cafe, Lina’s and OBI, the urban sushi place – all with breath-taking views of the Metn valley.


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