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Burger King celebrates Valentine’s day though a “series of unfortunate events”

Burger King is all about real people with real feelings being their own way and doing things differently.

As such, Burger King Dbayeh hosted a pre-valentine’s celebration themed a ‘Series of Unfortunate Events’, where romance gave way to humor, breaking all the rules of Valentine’s Day cheesiness, and bringing together a large number of bloggers and social media influencers to celebrate differently.

The branch featured several stands with different games; Piñatas, archery, fries eating competition, teddy bear killing sprees…the guests laughed their hearts out as the event disrupted the entire déjà-vu valentine’s practices, as the themes clearly show: “Fries before guys”, “Cupid rhymes with stupid”, “It’s not me, it’s you” and “Kill the teddy bear in you”.

Pushing aside everything cliché and cheesy, Burger King redefined Valentine’s Day. As for Burger King’s management, it proved once again to be a leader in doing things differently, and organizing out of the box events that defy tradition with a bold and confident outlook on life.



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