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‘Cash my Car’ by OLX offers the fastest and most convenient way to sell used cars in Lebanon

As part of expanding its offering in the cars section, OLX, the leading online cars marketplace in Lebanon, announced the launch of its new service: “Cash my Car” by OLX. The service’s aim is to simplify the process of selling cars while ensuring each transaction happens in an efficient and transparent manner and at a fair market price.


Potential sellers will be able to access the service via a new dedicated page: cashmycar.olxliban.com, where users can get all the information related to this new service.


What are the different steps of a “Cash My Car” transaction?

As a first step, the seller requests an appointment on the platform after entering his car details in terms of brand, model, year and mileage, as well as his contact information. Next, OLX team gets in touch with the seller to set a free inspection appointment at their convenience. The inspection appointment takes place at the “Cash my Car” facility located in Sin El Fil. After the inspection, the seller receives an instant trade offer and makes his decision on the spot. If satisfied, he collects the cash payment immediately. The entire process takes only 30 minutes from the moment the vehicle is taken in for inspection until the payment is made to the seller and all the paperwork done.


The main objective of this new service is to provide users with a new way to sell their cars; one that is practical, fast and convenient, taking away the paperwork hassle and general haggle that sellers endure when selling a car. Through this process, “Cash my Car” by OLX ensures that the seller gets the fairest price in the market based on a thorough assessment of the vehicle with the opportunity to sell his car, get paid cash, and finalize the paperwork in half-an-hour only.


John Noja, Country Manager for OLX Lebanon, said: “Our new service ensures selling a car is simple and hassle-free. In addition to that, sellers are present throughout the entire process from vehicle inspection to payment, which is in line with our core beliefs and commitment to establish new standards of transparency and fair trade in the Lebanese automotive market.”


To that end, Ashraf Bou Hamdan, one of Cash My Car by OLX service’s users commented: “This is a very innovative service and idea. The team is very professional, and the best part is that everything is covered from legal to paperwork.” Tony Harran and Kamil Barkho, also users of this service, were impressed by the idea, how professional the team is, and how fast and simple the process is.


For more information, or to start using “Cash my Car” by OLX, visit cashmycar.olxliban.com.

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