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Celebrate Emirati Women’s Day with Media Rotana

Media Rotana celebrates, along with the Nashama Emirati Volunteers, the Emirati Women in our lives with their event happening on the 28th of this month which will take place in the Media Rotana Dubai.


The fourth annual UAE women’s event will feature a group of eminent Emirati speakers to discuss the life of Emirati women. The event will also feature a number of different events that show the changes that have taken place in Emirati women’s clothing since ancient times. You can also learn about the role of Emirati women in community building and the efforts they have made to preserve their UAE identity despite the rapid social changes that have taken place in the local society, you can also sample the best Emirati cuisine that shall be served in the hotel.


Adding to the aforementioned, various activities will be held with special corners dedicated to different activities, such as henna and photo booths, as well as souvenirs presented to those coming to the event.


Media Rotana Hotel and the Nashama Emirati Volunteers Team invites you to join the UAE Ladies and the public to participate in this event which may enable you to discover a new aspect of life in the UAE that you have never known before.

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