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Charlotte Tilbury, the Queen of iconic, red carpet makeup looks, was joined by Team Tilbury and other leading artists tonight as the makeup masters behind the glamourous goddess looks of Salma Hayek, Irina Shayk, Alice Temperley, Blair Rich, Claire Foy, and more as seen at the EE BAFTA Film Awards and exclusive after parties.


Renowned for her easy-to-choose, easy-to-use, glamourous skincare and makeup magic, many of Charlotte’s hero products were used to craft the mesmerising beauty looks. From glowing goddess complexions with Charlotte’s Magic Cream and the ultimate red carpet beauty lens with Hollywood Flawless Filter, to her best-selling Pillow Talk look, that’s on everyone’s lips and her brand NEW! Supermodel-inspired matte lipstick trio, plus a sneak peek at yet-to-be-released collections, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty was the talk of the red carpet!!


All products available from www.charlottetilbury.com!




How Charlotte achieved Salma Hayek’s glowing Vintage Vamp Red Carpet makeup look



  1. Charlotte always says you can’t have a beautiful painting without a beautiful canvas, and the key to creating the ultimate, glowing goddess complexion for the red carpet always starts with the skin.
  2. Charlotte applied her iconic Charlotte’s Magic Cream to Salma’s skin to plump-out the appearance of fine lines and create the look of re-texturised skin. It is the key to creating the perfect, flawless-looking, glowing goddess canvas before makeup. Charlotte also gently tapped in her Magic Eye Rescue around the delicate eye area.
  3. To enhance Salma’s complexion with a flawless, glowing finish, Charlotte blended her Magic Foundation together with Light Wonder This created Salma’s perfect looking skin that was instantly illuminated, smoother and glossy.
  4. To conceal any areas which needed a little extra coverage, Charlotte applied her Magic Away concealer. With an incredible full coverage, the concealer lasts for up to 15 hours to keep Charlotte’s clients looking gorgeous and glamourous all night!!
  5. To enhance Salma’s natural beauty and create the ultimate killer cheekbones, Charlotte applied her iconic Filmstar Bronze and Glow in light/medium to contour and add definition to the cheeks, temples, jawline and nose.
  6. For an added red carpet megawatt glow, Charlotte applied her Hollywood Beauty Light Wand on the top of Salma’s cheekbones.
  7. She then swished and popped her Cheek to Chic blusher in Climax on Salma’s cheeks to add an ultra-flattering pop of colour.



  1. To add subtle definition to Salma’s brows and structure to her face, Charlotte brushed up the brows using Legendary Brows in Supermodel and softly filled in any gaps using her Brow Lift in Supermodel.
  2. To create Salma’s sumptuous, smoky eye look with a POP of purple-red shades, Charlotte applied her Vintage Vamp Luxury Palette using her four-step Prime, Enhance, Smoke, Pop sequence.
  3. To elongate Salma’s eyes and add intensity, Charlotte used her Rock ‘n’ Kohl eyeliner pencil in Barbarella Brown to create the perfect feline flick a gorgeous, cat eye effect.
  4. Charlotte finished Salma’s eye makeup using lashings of her Legendary Lashes Volume 2 mascara on her top and bottom lashes for a full red-carpet flutter!



  1. Charlotte completed the look by using her Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Supersize Me to cheat fuller, wider-looking lips with a flawless finish. She then applied her NEW! Supermodel Lips lipstick in Super Model, a super-beautiful matte nude-rose shade.
  2. To create a glossy finish on the lips, Charlotte applied a layer of her nourishing Collagen Lip Bath over the top.
  3. And finally, before Salma left for the red carpet, she applied a light dusting of the most finely milled Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in shades 1 and 2, to perfect the skin and brighten the complexion.






Name and artist Key products


Irina Shayk by Sofia Tilbury, Charlotte Tilbury senior lead artist ·       Charlotte’s Magic Cream

·       Magic Away concealer

·       Luxury Palette – The Sophisticate

·       NEW! Matte Revolution – Super Model

·       Supermodel Body

Alice Temperley by Alesandra Macsim Charlotte Tilbury senior lead artist ·       Instant Magic Dry Sheet Facial Mask

·       Charlotte’s Magic Cream

·       Hollywood Flawless Filter

·       Luxury Palette – Pillow Talk

·       Full Fat Lashes

·       Matte Revolution – Pillow Talk

Blair Rich by Tamzin Cummings, Charlotte Tilbury senior lead artist ·       Charlotte’s Magic Cream

·       Magic Away concealer

·       Luxury Palette – Vintage Vamp

·       Luxury Palette – Glamour Muse

·       Matte Revolution – Pillow Talk

Claire Foy by Kelly Cornwell ·       NEW! Goddess Cleansing Ritual

·       Charlotte’s Magic Cream

·       Luxury Palette – Pillow Talk

·       Filmstar Bronze & Glow

·       Matte Revolution – Love Liberty

Camille Charriere by Melina Bisbiki, Charlotte Tilbury senior lead artist ·       Charlotte’s Magic Cream

·       Magic Foundation

·       Luxury Palette – The Sophisticate

·       Cheek to Chic – Pillow Talk

·       Hollywood Lips – Best Actress

Molly Moorish by Alesandra Macsim, Charlotte Tilbury senior lead artist ·       Charlotte’s Magic Cream

·       Luxury Palette – Rock Chick

·       Colour Chameleon – Black Diamonds

·       Rock’n’Kohl – Bedroom Black

·       NEW! Matte Revolution – Super Nineties





Cressida Bonas, by Kelly Mitchell, Charlotte Tilbury senior lead artist ·       Charlotte’s Magic Cream

·       Luxury Palette – Pillow Talk

·       Cheek to Chic – Pillow Talk

·       Lip Cheat – Pillow Talk

·       Collagen Lip Bath


Clara Paget by Sofia Tilbury, Charlotte Tilbury senior lead artist


·       Charlotte’s Magic Cream

·       Stars in your Eyes Palette

·       Lip Cheat – Pillow Talk

·       K.I.S.S.I.N.G. – Penelope Pink

·       Supermodel Body


Gabrielle Wilde by Kelly Mitchell, Charlotte Tilbury senior lead artist


·       Charlotte’s Magic Cream

·       Light Wonder foundation

·       Eyes to Mesmerise – Marie Antoinette

·       Hollywood Beauty Light Wand

·       Lip Cheat – Pillow Talk

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