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City Centre Beirut welcomes the top finalists of The Voice Ahla Sawt

Majid Al Futtaim, the leading shopping mall, communities, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, hosted a Meet and Greet for the top four finalists of The Voice Ahla Sawt in City Centre Beirut Lebanon.


Surrounded by a crowd of people, The Voice’s top four finalists, Dumooa Tahseen, Hela Melki, Yusuf Al Sultan and Issam Sarhan, greeted their fans, chatted and of course, took an unlimited amount of selfies on Monday May 7th.

The mall’s central galleria captured the music shows’ atmosphere, and of course, its set with the famous red judges’ chairs. Lebanese influencers, ranging from fashion to lifestyle, also partook in the event to welcome the Voice finalists themselves. The five influencers: Lucas Lamah (Beiruting), Najib Mitri (Blog Balad), Nadia Mneimne, Silvio Chiha and Michele El Khoury (Fashion by Michele) arrived earlier to City Centre Beirut to receive the finalists and showcase their fondness of the show as well as its remaining participants with their own little private meet and greet with them before proceeding to the bigger crowd.


The occasion was covered by none other than the show’s main sponsor, MBC channel, along with a special report on behalf of the house of Abdul Samad Al Quraichi fragrances.


City Centre Beirut takes pride in having hosted such an event, for it’s encouraging the music industry all the while continuing to share great moments for everyone, every day.

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