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Clinique La Prairie’s 5-Day Detox Program

Achieve greater body and mind awareness, body detoxification and stress reduction as Clinique La Prairie introduces a new 5-Day Detox Program. Prepare to be mesmerized by the magic of this international wellness and medical clinic in Switzerland while receiving health benefits through expert consultation, carefully chosen treatments and personalized wellness activities.


The clinic’s medical professionals, spa therapists, nutritionists and fitness instructors have all come together to redefine detoxing into a unique five-day program aimed at re-aligning the body’s energy systems and eliminating the body’s toxins.  Unlike CLP’s Master Detox program which includes a personalized week-long treatment, result focused spa treatments and genetic testing, this detox program is condensed into 5 nights to offer the best approach to purify your body from toxins, lead you towards a healthier lifestyle and activate your body’s self-healing ability.

This 5-day plan begins with an initial medical consultation to establish clear goals and tailor-make a program suited to every individual’s needs and goals and balance them with CLP’s professional expertise to provide the most supportive detox program. This medical consultation includes medical tests to determine any heavy-metal exposition in the body along with blood analysis and body composition tests. The schedule also includes daily cleansing to reboot the system with CLP’s daily detox infusions, antioxidant concentrate juices, probiotic cures as well as wellness and beauty treatments and yoga classes.

Upon completion of the program, guests will receive a final medical wrap with recommendations to help guests’ transition from detox back to regular life.


Overlooking the glimmering waters of Lake Geneva, with the mountains of Montreux sitting on the horizon, Clinique La Prairie provides a serene setting for realigning both body and mind. Combining world-class medical expertise and state-of-the-art technology with a holistic spa and the sumptuousness of its gastronomy and five-star hotel, this Swiss medical spa is the perfect destination to beat the holiday blues and purify your body and mind.


Price From:

5-Day Detox Program: 8,900 CHF (Exclusive offer until April 2019)

Master Detox Program: 14,900 CHF (Approx. AED 60,000)


Address: Rue du Lac 142, 1815 Clarens, Montreux, Switzerland

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