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Complimentary HIV testing at LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital In line with World AIDS Day

Human Immunodeficiency Virus attacks the immune system and gradually weakens it. AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV infection. At this time with 36.9 million persons living with HIV in the world, people still consider this topic as taboo that should not be dealt with in society.

LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital always cares to spread awareness and shed light on important yet sensitive topics.

On December 4, 2018, the hospital partnered with the “Lebanese AIDS Society” (LAS) to provide complimentary HIV testing to more than 175 persons who intentionally visited LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital and got their results 20 minutes after being tested. For the first time in Lebanon, a rapid test using salivary sampling was used to screen for HIV. This test has been shown to be of similar value as the rapid blood test.

It’s true that HIV is not a curable disease, however with treatment the patient can live a long and full life.” said Dr. Jacques E. Mokhbat, Chair of Internal Medicine Department at the LAU Gilbert & Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine and Infectious Diseases specialist at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital. Dr. Mokhbat is also the current president of the Lebanese AIDS Society, a non governmental organization dedicated to helping persons living with HIV and to inform and educate the community about the virus. The hospital along with the Lebanese AIDS Society dedicated this day to familiarize the public with the principles of prevention and the necessary treatment that follows a positive HIV test.

“Even with a positive HIV test there is always a solution” under this slogan the hospital emphasized the importance of the World AIDS Day and its role in supporting people living with HIV.


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