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DANCE FOR A CAUSE ~From the People, to the People~

As part of a series of socially conscientious musical events and in the presence of prominent representatives, Soumar Sarieddine (Founder of Portal Family) and Ms. Mounira Dimashki (Member of the Municipality Council of Saoufar) were able to host Apache 3 on Friday 9th of November in Bhamdoun old hotel.

The concept of Apache “Dance for a Cause” parties is to give back to the community through entertainment . The parties are characterized by beautiful locations and quality performances that gives attendees a one of a kind experience every time. At every Apache proceedings will be donated for the purpose to lend a helping hand “From the people to the people” to underprivileged members of the community. This time, Apache 3 aims to fund the education of four children: Aya, Fouad, Tina, Elie. https://www.facebook.com/1766341826912691/posts/2207237556156447/

“Portal Family was created from a lifelong dream of creating a cultural collective that is based first and foremost on humanity. With awareness and kindness, we strive for a sense of community as we plan to revive quality entertainment for our people. Our events have been successful in connecting youth culture to social service, and we hope to continue lending a helping hand through the uniting power of arts and culture.” – Soumar Sarieddine, founder of Portal Family.

“Lebanon is filled with loving youth, such as Soumar Sarieddine, who expresses his readiness to contribute to the society, and one of his main objectives is to help the unfortunate. We need people like him in this country. A community filled with loving and caring people are needed to safeguard the country and its people. It is enough to plant hope in the soul of the Lebanese people and offer them a shimmering light to look up to in the future.” – “Mounira Dimashki, VP of Orphans Education Association in Lebanon.

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