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DED Ajman introduces new policies to enhance business transactions

The Department of Economic Development in Ajman (DED Ajman) has announced a new set of policies restructuring the procedures and processes of its customer services aimed at improving and accelerating business transactions. The Department has shortened the steps and procedures to getting licenses by integrating them under a smart and innovative system where customers only need to submit their applications at a single visit to the customer service centre, reducing the time it takes to complete many other services.

Saud Sultan Al Shammari, Director of Economic Registration and Licensing Department in DED Ajman, said: “DED Ajman gives huge importance to supporting the business and investment environment and reduce costs and burdens to customers. This has prompted the Department to implement new policies in the system, to improve the quality of service delivery, developing and changing the course of action in economic procedures, as well as increasing customer satisfaction in all procedures.”

Ahmed Khair Al Balushi, Director of Customer Relations Department, DED-Ajman said that the department always raises its ‘customer first’ banner, working continuously to understand client experience. He added that the department seeks customers’ views in addition to taking their opinion through surveys concerning the challenges they face and coordinates with strategic partners to facilitate the customers’ journey and enhance the services provided by the department.

Al Balushi explained that among the measures taken to facilitate the experience of the client is improving the process of getting a new license. Previously, issuing of new licenses takes several days, while now the client can complete the transaction and get the license in one step within a few minutes and would not exceed a total of 15 minutes. The procedure does not include licenses that involve high risk businesses which may require a different type of approval as noted by strategic partners involved to secure the permit.

Implementing a new policy which waives off the immediate requirement for an office address or location during the first year for all licenses has contributed to an increased in investment interest and encouraged more investors to explore opportunities and projects within the emirate. DED Ajman customers welcomed these improvements in policies, which is reflected in the high satisfaction rate of 97 per cent given by a large segment of customers who took benefit from these policies and improvements.

DED Ajman works with many federal and local authorities to define its fees at the Department and has worked with many federal and local authorities to link a wide range of services such as renewal services, collection service fees, and contract lease services.

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