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DED-Ajman receives government delegation from Sharjah

The Department of Economic Development-Ajman (DED-Ajman) received a delegation from the Government of Sharjah, which included representatives from Sharjah Economic Development Department and Department of Statistics and Community Development. The visit aims at consolidating the ties of cooperation between government entities in the country and to learn best practices in the field of economic studies and surveys.

The delegation From Sharjah Economic Development Department included Noura Binsandal, Deputy Director, Planning and Economic Studies Department; Abdullah Rashid Al Jarwan, Vice Chairman, Economic Studies Division; Saleh Mohamed, Economic Research Supervisor; and Meera Al Mashwi, Statistical Analyst. While Members of the Statistics and Community Development Department in Sharjah including Tariq Al-Ghazal, Field Business Officer, Economic Survey; Aisha Al Hosani, Head of Innovation Division, and Hessa Al-Hajeri, Administrative Coordinator were also present during the visit, as well as Fatima Ahmed Al Shamsi, Director of Planning and Economic Studies; Dr. HaniI Brahim, Main Specialist; and Abeer Hussein, Statistical Analyst.

DED-Ajman presented its experiences in measuring the confidence index in the business climate, which witnessed a remarkable rise for the first half of this year, reaching 126 points compared to the previous half which reached 108 points. The meeting provided an opportunity to explain the mechanisms used by the Department in measuring the index, guided by international standards, and national requirements issued by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority.

The Department indicated that it conducts a business confidence survey periodically through a specific methodology to focus on the economic sectors that have a major contribution to the GDP. The measurement of business confidence includes several key areas of focus such as sales volume, sales prices, profits, number of employees and stock size. As a result of measuring the expectations of companies and business owners in the emirate, and monitoring the challenges and constraints facing them, recommendations are made following the identification of opportunities for improvement, that in turn meet the needs of the business sector and promote economic growth in general.

The two sides exchanged their experiences in the specialized economic studies, the mechanisms used in selecting the sample of companies and economic establishments according to the subject of the study, methods of communication and collecting data and information, and discussed the methods through which the issues the final reports and benefiting from it in making decisions that serve the national economy.

At the end of the visit, the delegation commended DED-Ajman for their experience in studying the business confidence index and conveyed their appreciation for the constant cooperation in transferring knowledge and exchanging experiences between the two parties.

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