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Dewar’s, the pioneer of the double-aged blended Scotch favored by Lebanese whisky lovers, is creating buzz with the launch of its refreshed communication campaign dubbed “Live True”, which challenges the established codes of convention on whisky.

Dewar’s worldwide marketing campaign emphasizes the brand’s belief in doing things twice to make them better, stemming from its pioneering double ageing process that is critical to the creation of the extra smooth scotch that is signature to Dewar’s. The campaign has been rolled out in Lebanon on key communications channels, with a global TV commercial, featuring Scottish actor Iain Glen, well known for his starring role in the Game of Thrones series, serving as the narrator for the advertisement, lending his perfect Scottish accent to the character Neville Neville, whose entire life is dedicated to doing things twice.

With blended Scotch whisky poised for a comeback worldwide, the time is now for Dewar’s, the most award-winning blended Scotch whisky, to capture the attention of whisky appreciators in Lebanon.

Dewar’s strong belief in and craftsmanship of the double ageing process stems from the fact that this unique approach of aging, blending and aging the blended whisky a second time in vintage oak barrels prior to bottling, creates an exceptionally smooth taste for its range of blended scotch malts. A signature innovation by Dewar’s, it was first experimented with in 1899. The result is a smoother taste, with a long, lingering finish, the company claims.

‘Live True’ is a bold statement endorsed by Dewar’s as a brand. Adam Oakley, Global Vice President Dewar’s, commented that “Live True’ is a bold embodiment of Dewar’s as a brand. We stick to our convictions and continue to double-age our whisky because we know it makes for a better, smoother taste. This campaign is just the beginning to robust global efforts to lift the veil off not just Dewar’s, but the Scotch whisky category as a whole, showing the craftsmanship and approachability behind this storied spirit.

With the big festive season closing in, the company will aggressively position its portfolio of products, including Dewar’s 12, Dewar’s 15 and Dewar’s 18 on local shelves.

Check out the new Live True TV spot rolled out worldwide on:


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