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DMCA’s Maritime Advisory Council holds meeting to discuss effective strategies to reinforce Dubai’s maritime leadership

The Maritime Advisory Council, one of the initiatives of the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), reaffirmed its commitment towards promoting stronger partnership ties between the public and private sector via the launch of quality initiatives and projects that seek to  reinforce Dubai’s leading position in the global maritime and logistics map. The statement was made during its recently concluded regular meeting, which was attended by H.E. Hessa Bint Ahmed Al Malek, Marine Transport Executive Director Federal Transport Authority and Maritime Transport; Amer Ali, Executive Director of DMCA, Marc Gijsbrechts, Chief Executive – Med Region, Maersk and other members of the council. During the meeting, council members discussed moves on how to further improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the local maritime segment and how to effectively contribute in the efforts to transform Dubai into a city of sustainable economic growth as envisioned in the Dubai 2021 plan.

The meeting also saw the discussion and review of strategies that have successfully aided in the move to create a highly competitive and sustainable maritime sector. One of the key initiatives mentioned was the ‘Maritime Sector Strategy,’ which demonstrates a step forward in the development of integrated logistics programs and infrastructure and maritime initiatives–all based on the highest standards of occupational safety, best practices and local and international guidelines. Participants also talked about the adoption and implementation of new industry best practices and how to further enhance cooperation and joint action with both federal and local entities.

Amer Ali, Executive Director, DMCA, stressed on the importance of consolidating the partnership between the public and private sectors, especially in the move towards the development of a globally competitive maritime sector. He also called for joint efforts in the move to support the Maritime Advisory Council, which plays a key role in enhancing the confidence of the UAE’s maritime segment to attract international investments based on its competitiveness and integrated portfolio of advisory services and creative ideas that support the objectives of the country’s maritime sector strategy to be part of the world’s leading maritime communities.

Ali added, “The meetings of the Maritime Advisory Council represents a strategic platform to showcase the most outstanding maritime achievements that culminated in Dubai. One of these achievements is having been listed as one of the world’s best in the International Shipping Centre Development Index (ISCD)—a triumph that underlines the success of public-private partnerships to enhance international confidence, which is comparable to the world’s most important maritime clusters such as Singapore, London, Oslo, Shanghai, Hamburg and Hong Kong. The meeting  also provides an ideal opportunity to explore the prospects for launching quality projects inspired by the vision of Dubai and the UAE. We are committed to supporting the Maritime Advisory Council in its efforts to consolidate the joint cooperation between DMCA and its strategic partners from the public and private sectors to promote the maritime segment as a major contributor to the emirate’s transformation to a sustainable economic model.”

The Maritime Advisory Council, which is one of the initiatives under the Dubai Maritime Sector Strategy, is composed of senior government officials, experts and executives from leading companies concerned with maritime affairs locally and globally.

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