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Dubai Maritime City Authority Participates with Three dedicated stands in Dubai International Boat Show 2019

The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) will join its fellow elite local, regional, and international entities at Dubai International Boat Show 2019, which will be held from February 26 to March 2, 2019 at Dubai Water Channel. Its attendance will form part of its ongoing efforts to connect with local and international maritime cluster leaders to actively engage in the sharing of the best industry practices and sustain the discussions on the latest maritime innovations. Tasked to build a secure and sustainable maritime sector in Dubai, one of the world’s most competitive, comprehensive, and attractive maritime capitals,

DMCA has revealed its intention to participate in its three pavilions focusing on the review of smart solutions and mobile services advantages, as well as registration and licensing, which provides marine licensing services directly according to innovative and specific mechanisms to verify the compliance with technical specifications, safety regulations, local environmental requirements, and internationally recognized standards before a license is issued. As part of a strategy to provide services easily, quickly and efficiently to maximize customer happiness.

During the event, the DMCA is also expected to highlight its smart transformation and sustainability initiatives. The Authority will feature its range of interactive smart solutions, e-services, and other innovative applications developed to enhance Dubai’s global competitiveness. The timely showcasing of DMCA’s cutting-edge apps and other intelligent services will coincide with the celebration of the UAE Innovation Month 2019 under the theme ‘Innovation Starts With You.’ E-services and smart solutions are critical to building a strong technological infrastructure capable of supporting the future growth of Dubai and the UAE.

Amer Ali, Executive Director of DMCA, said that joining the boat show again will complement the Authority’s mission to promote innovation and smart transformation for a sustainable and developed local maritime sector, an industry vital to Dubai’s economic diversification. He reiterated the importance of completing all required tests before a license is directly, quickly, and efficiently issued to all kinds of vessels during the upcoming boat show.

He added: “We look forward to unveiling our latest smart solutions and innovative services in the event. These solutions and services play a critical role in ensuring that Dubai is able to keep up with emerging global maritime trends and meet the requirements of the 21st century and beyond.”

‘Dubai Sea’ is going to be another highlight. This initiative was launched to promote maritime leisure activities, among the key pillars of the emirate’s tourism sector, in line with Dubai Maritime Sector Strategy. Under the Strategy, the Dubai Government is working towards establishing modern tourism facilities and creating new jobs within the maritime leisure segment in the hope of developing, organizing, and strengthening the local maritime sector and enhancing Dubai’s international maritime status. ‘Dubai Sea’ supports, develops, and coordinates all relevant activities in Dubai to ensure enhanced experience coupled with other programs expediting the registration process and the issuance of licenses and sailing permits. The DMCA has also developed key initiatives to identify resting places and locations of marinas operating in the emirate, oversee the operations of floating restaurants and the activities of all types of yachts in Dubai, and collaborate with leasing maritime companies.

Hamed Hassan, Director of DMCA’s registration and licensing, also stated: “Our participation at Dubai International Boat Show 2019 is a continuation of the strong momentum we have seen over the last few years brought about by the strong interest of regional and international maritime leisure companies in our services. We are pleased to join again the region’s premier event for leisure navigation, giving us an opportunity to showcase our different innovations and licensing services designed to guarantee efficient maritime operations and ensure compliance with the highest standards of  occupational safety, environmental practices, and local and international resolutions. We are committed to providing world-class licensing services to achieve the highest levels of customer happiness and satisfaction as well as meet the needs of water sports enthusiasts and all types of tourists visiting the emirate. We hope to effectively contribute to the success of the event by  providing visitors with a comprehensive idea of our latest smart services according to the objectives of Dubai Maritime Sector Strategy. The Strategy aims to increase the confidence of the regional and international investors in the local maritime environment.”

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