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13 year old teenager Leah Depala is the latest Dubai talent to launch herself into the global stratosphere with her song ‘Cold’ which she wrote and recorded in 2 days! Hours after posting her single ‘Cold’ online the ratings hit the roof with many hundreds of hits in just a few hours.

With a passion for performing, releasing her single online was a natural step for this talented young lady who harbours a passion to be a professional singer and actress.

Growing up in Dubai, this little lady with an infectious spirit has always shown a talent for dance and performance, and it was only a matter of time that she brings this talent to a wider audience across the globe.

Her song ‘Cold’ is a mature look at a hypothetical failed relationship. When asked where she found the inspiration for such an intense subject matter, she replied, “I wanted to write a song that people can relate to. You don’t need to have experienced something to be able to feel it. It’s like crying when you watch a movie. It is not necessarily happening to you, but you can feel their pain”

Mentored by singer Layla Kardan and produced by Ayham Homsi (AY the Producer), the song is attracting a lot of adulation for the young teenager, not only for her beautiful, mature voice and delivery, but also for her skills as a song writer. She is already in the process of writing her next song and is on her way to creating an album.

Available on numerous music platforms such as Itunes, Apple music, Spotify, and Anghami, ‘Cold’ is capturing the hearts of young and old alike, and we cannot wait to see what this young talent has in store for us in the future. A proud moment for Leah and a proud moment for Dubai!

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