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Durub Al Tawaya kicks off for a 6th consecutive year at Abu Dhabi Art

Abu Dhabi Art will open its 10th edition with the performing arts programme Durub Al Tawaya, which returns this year to give visitors the opportunity to engage with contemporary performances from 8th November to 26th January 2019.

Durub Al Tawaya is now in its 6th year, with an extended three-month long programme investigating technology as a fundamental aspect in the evolution of art, as it provides artists with new tools for artistic expression.

Durub Al Tawaya will feature several thought-provoking and meaningful performances, including a contribution from Bahraini artist, musician and academic Hasan Al Hujeiri, who will present a commissioned concert on Abu Dhabi Corniche and at Manarat Al Saadiyat on 8th and 14th November at 8:30pm. The concert will explore the art of Tambura, a musical tradition where music is accompanied with singing and dancing, and which uses a string instrument of the same name which is traditional to the Gulf region.

In collaboration with the Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi, Durub Al Tawaya will also present the site-specific walking performance Remote Abu Dhabi. The performance, that was produced in 2015, is part of Abu Dhabi Art’s collection of performances and addresses the reality of Artificial Intelligence in the cities of the future. It will take place every Friday and will run from the 9th of November until 25th of January, starting on Corniche Road West.

In collaboration with Warehouse421, Durub Al Tawaya will present the performance “Five Attempts to Speak with an Alien” by Anna Rispoli every Saturday running from the 10th of November until 26th of January. In this performance, which is also part of Abu Dhabi Art’s collection of performances, Rispoli invites the audience on a boat ride along the city’s waterfront, offering the opportunity to take part in five collective exercises to ‘speak to an alien’. This participatory public event will encourage participants to imagine the city from a different perspective.

Another piece to take note of will be Bird Watching, a performance by Lawrence Abu Hamdan on 15th November. It is the latest in a series of Abu Hamdan’s live audio essays that examine the contemporary politics of listening and the importance of the ‘ear witness’. The central focus of this ‘hearing’ is his collaboration with Amnesty International and Forensic Architecture on an acoustic investigation into Saydnaya prison, which lies north of Damascus, Syria.

The following day (16th November) sees the presentation of an immersive video installation by Monira Al Qadiri entitled Diver. This is the new chapter in her ongoing search for historical ties between the pre- and post-oil worlds in the Arabian Gulf. The video proposes to bridge that gap through the formal abstraction of colour; it follows the movements of synchronised swimmers wearing dichroic body suits akin to the sheen of both pearls and oil, choreographed to a traditional pearl-diving song.

The 2018 edition of Durub Al Tawaya has been curated by Tarek Abou El Fetouh, an independent curator who lives and works in Brussels. His curatorial works include the Sharjah Biennale 9 in 2009, “Lest the two seas meet” at the Museum of Modern Arts in Warsaw 2015, “Time is out of joint” at Sharjah Foundation and Asia Art Center in Gwangju, Korea 2016, “Captive of Love” 2017 and “Rituals of signs and metamorphoses” 2018 at the Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing.

“Throughout its five previous editions, Durub Al Tawaya produced a number of city-specific performances that have come to constitute the Abu Dhabi Art collection of performances,” said El Fetouh. “In an important development this year, the programme of Durub Al Tawaya VI will extend over three months, until the end of January 2019. This extended duration will allow more audiences to attend this collection of performances, which will be presented in collaboration with different cultural and art centres in the city.

“This year, Durub Al Tawaya will present six new commissions and productions in collaboration with international institutions. Since its inception Durub Al Tawayahas been committed to developing connections with the city of Abu Dhabi as a living, diverse, and rich space rife with future possibilities, through inviting contemporary artists to produce site-specific works in relation to its streets, its architecture, seafront and urban features.”

For more information on Durub Al Tawaya timings and locations, as well as the full Abu Dhabi Art 2018 schedule, visit abudhabiart.ae and follow Abu Dhabi Art on social media: FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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