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Echoes of Huawei new Hits? Looks like it!

There is no doubt that by now, Huawei (CBG) never fails to surprise us. Following every release, the brand keeps us jaw dropped with more and more releases. Crazies are the ones that thought that Huawei would take a break although the last released Mate 20 Pro was surely ground breaking and everyone keeps questioning, what next?

Yes, this might be a hint, but echoes have been roaming around about a new Huawei strike. But this time, with a device that targets the youth. Yes, you, youngsters, get ready for the another as vivid as your lives!

Are you ready for a sneak peek?

We are already fascinated by Huawei’s capability to surprise us with new and trendy colors. It looks like, this time, Huawei’s amazing us once more with a color we’ve never seen before; a color that will make us go eye-candy… Mmmm what could it be?

Fashionistas, gamers, you can start dreaming big. In fact, this phone is rumored to have a huge screen, one that will allow you to accomplish wonders or even discover the unknown. Another rumored feature is a long-lasting and more powerful battery; nothing but the essential for this generation’s youth!

Everyone’s excited to hear more, to know more, but for now, that’s all we can give you.

Until then, cross your fingers and hope that these rumors are true…

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