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As the retail outlet offering UAE’s largest selection of baby carriers, Eggs & Soldiers has placed its passion for the

benefits of babywearing on a platform from the very birth of the brand in 2014.

But for International Babywearing Week — a global campaign running from October 1st to October 8th 2018 —

the Dubai-based store is working with like-minded local businesses to offer a week-long programme of free, fun and

informative events in a bid to educate parents on the multiple physical, emotional and developmental benefits of

‘wearing’ babies and young children in an appropriate carrier.

Known best for its unique selection and in-depth knowledge of the most natural baby and family lifestyle products

available, Eggs & Soldiers has teamed up with Luxe Carriers — led by the UAE’s undisputed ambassador and

educator on babywearing, Sarah Lander — and Malaak Mama & Baby Care to curate a programme of free-to-attend

babywearing workshops, featuring a selection of expert speakers.

All businesses are based at Times Square Centre in Dubai, which is where the Eggs & Soldiers International

Babywearing Week events will take place. Each morning event [see full schedule below] will begin at the Malaak

Mama & Baby Care Centre, Ground Floor, Times Square Centre and feature drop-in Q&A sessions and practical tips

and tricks at Eggs & Soldiers, located just next door.

As well as offering practical advice on selecting a carrier and ‘how to wear’ tips and tricks, each event will explore

a different dimension to the benefits of babywearing, which include: parent/child bonding, combatting pre and

postnatal depression, aiding breastfeeding, encouraging babies’ correct hip and spine development, assisting and

preventing reflux and colic, assisting parents to safely carry low tone or physically disabled babies and children, and

encouraging skin-to-skin contact which is of particular importance in premature babies — and so much more.

The programme of events for Eggs & Soldiers International Babywearing Week is as follows.

All events will begin at Malaak Mama & Baby Care, Ground Floor, Times Square Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

All events are free to attend, but attendees must register their interest in advance at eggsnsoldiers.com

Sunday 30th September from 9am

? An Introduction to Eggs & Soldiers International Babywearing Week with Sarah Lander from Luxe Carriers

? Mummy & Baby Kinder Music class run by Kinder Music

? Drop-in Q&A session at Eggs & Soldiers throughout the morning

Monday October 1st from 9am

? Babywearing & Emotional Health with clinical psychologist Marie Thompson from Vivamus.

A workshop on how babywearing can support and encourage a connection during the prenatal, postnatal and

continued parenting stages.

? Mummy & Baby Yoga class run by instructors from Yoga Retreats

? Drop-in Q&A session at Eggs & Soldiers throughout the morning

Tuesday 2nd October from 9am

? Babywearing & Babies’ Health with Dr Rania Ayat Hawayek from Infinity, The Family Medicine Clinic

Discussing the benefits of babywearing for babies’ development and correct, upright positioning, to prevent and

assist the common issue of reflux in young babies.

? Drop-in Q&A session Eggs & Soldiers throughout the morning

Wednesday 3rd October from 12pm

? Babywearing Q&A

A babywearing discussion with local experts and parents where questions will be answered and experiences shared

Thursday 4th October from 9am

? Babywearing & Breastfeeding with lead midwife Cecile de Scally from Malaak Mama & Baby Care and Luxe Carriers

A workshop on babywearing to assist breastfeeding mothers, both practically and emotionally.

? Maternity Bra Q&A and fittings with TKD Lingerie

? Drop-in Q&A session Eggs & Soldiers throughout the morning

Saturday 6th October from 9am

? Babywearing & Prematurity with Lala Langtry-White from UAE support group, Small & Mighty Babies and Luxe Carriers

A workshop on the benefits of skin-to-skin or ‘kangaroo care’ for premature babies, as well as practical advice on how

to safely carry a low birth weight child.

? Babywearing Q&A A babywearing discussion where questions will be answered and experiences shared by local

babywearing experts as well as parents.

?Drop-in Q&A session Eggs & Soldiers throughout the morning

To coincide with Eggs & Soldiers’ International Babywearing Week, Sarah Lander of Luxe Carriers will also be

available for personalised babywearing consultations at the Eggs & Soldiers store, where she works with parents to

select and fit the correct carriers for their family’s individual needs. Trained and qualified at the London School of

Babywearing, an active educator with the Dubai Babywearing Group and Eggs & Soldiers’ in-house expert, Sarah’s

passion for babywearing stems from the benefits she stumbled across when she wore her second child, and

subsequent guilt and regret she felt that she had not worn her first. Sarah is now based at the Eggs & Soldiers Times

Square Centre store, where she can talk and practically show parents the widest selection of baby carriers available in

the UAE.

“A personalised babywearing consultation can be likened to a one-on-one session with a personal trainer,” explains

Sarah. “Not every carrier works for every parent, care-giver, child or situation, and I feel very passionate that finding

the right fit can make a huge and positive difference to those very precious first years of a child’s life.”

Eggs & Soldiers founder and lifelong Dubai resident, Sofi Chabowski is mother to four children between the ages of

10 months and six years. She has worn all of them, and is a strong advocate for the benefits of babywearing, which

is why she has ensured that Eggs & Soldiers remains informed and stocked with the widest, well-researched selection

of baby carriers in the UAE.

“Eggs & Soldiers strives to offer parents a more natural way to raise their family, and I can’t think of a more natural

thing to do than wear your baby,” says Sofi. “Babywearing has bought so much joy to my own motherhood journey,

and offering other parents the tools and information to experience that too, is something I take great pride and

pleasure in.”

Eggs & Soldiers stocks more than 40 variations of baby carriers, both at its standalone store in Times Square Centre

in Dubai and online at eggsnsoldiers.com , from brands including Ergobaby, Tula, Hana, Boba, Close, Little Frog,

Beachfront Baby, Emeibaby, Hoppediz and Soul Slings.

The Eggs & Soldiers store is located on the Ground Floor of Times Square Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai and is

open from 10am to 10pm, 7 days per week. Information and products can also be viewed and purchased online at

eggsnsoldiers.com , with delivery available throughout the Middle East.

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