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Email delivery re-engineered with Clever Monitor’s Artificial Intelligence-based email marketing platform

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) experts, Clever Monitor, launched its flagship A.I. driven email marketing and automation software, Clever AIM, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market giving companies in the region a better shot at designing and delivering successful digital campaigns.

Clever AIM is a data-driven platform that seeks to improve connections with customers through highly interactive emails using deep funnel retention marketing. This, according to Clever Monitor, significantly improves a brand’s chances of delivering the right message at the right time and to the right audience.

There are over 4 billion email accounts all over the world. This statistic alone puts businesses that use email as their primary communication tool at a great advantage when it comes to reaching out to consumers. Albeit is popularity and penetration, only 2 percent of Facebook users see a business’s post while over 90 percent of emails reach a consumer’s inbox.

Its A.I. advancements in the digital marketing foray are also widely expected to boost UAE’s quest to transform itself as the A.I. City-State of the Future – a move that is set to save the country billions of dirhams.

Clever AIM’s introduction into the UAE market comes against a backdrop of evolving consumer needs and purchasing trends, which are largely driven heightened digital penetration. The UAE market is rapidly transforming itself to become the region’s ecommerce hub thanks to a robust internet penetration, which stands at 99 percent. The region has also witnessed soaring online product searches, online retail stores visits, and online purchases, which have, in turn, seen brands invest heavily in their digital marketing efforts in a bid to grow their online consumer base.

According to the Clever Monitor spokesperson, A.I. is now at the center of business and economic growth for the region.

With almost all companies and brands realigning their marketing efforts as witnessed through massive digital uptake in the form of email marketing and automation, Clever Monitor software solution is strategically poised to complement and boost digital marketing activities.

“We are delighted to be launching our flagship email marketing and automation software in the UAE. Clever Monitor comes at a time when brands are increasingly targeting consumers through digital platforms. Clever Monitor is a result-oriented email marketing tool that is poised to change how brands in the region reach and engage with their customers online. Driven by the growth of A.I. in the region, Clever Monitor will give companies a much better chance to customize their digital marketing campaigns for maximum impact through precision targeting and personalization based on the collected behavioral data collected about the end user.” said Jan Svoboda, chief executive officer, Clever Monitor.

According to marketing experts, brands that have adopted email marketing automation have experienced a 45 percent improvement in their customer service. This process has also led to a 39 percent increase in customer acquisition, 43 percent jump in employee productivity, and over 40 percent boost in return on investment.

Clever Monitor also allows its users to build eye-catching and more responsive email templates. It also deeply studies the business verticals and adapts using email, CRM, and data source. This, in turn, helps businesses deliver relevant content based on customer activity and behavior on the web.

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