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Etihad ESCO signs service agreement with Talisen Technologies to develop M&V Center in its Dubai office

In line with the expansion of its retrofitting services to drive sustainable development efforts in the UAE, Etihad Energy Services Company (Etihad ESCO) announced the signing of a service agreement with Talisen Technologies Inc. to jointly develop a Measurement and Verification (M&V) Centre at its office in the DEWA Sustainable Building in Dubai. The collaborative agreement, an extension of an already existing partnership between the companies, was signed on the second day of the ongoing 20th Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (WETEX 2018) in Dubai, by Ali Al Jassim, CEO of Etihad ESCO and George Brill, CEO of Talisen Technologies Inc. in the presence of officials from both sides.

Etihad ESCO has been working with Talisen Technologies Inc headquartered in St Louis, US and a global leader of enterprise energy management and data analytics technology platform solutions for large-scale ESCO projects – for a year, following the signing of an MoU in September 2017. The M&V Centre will be a dedicated measurement and verification hub, which will deliver data centric, enterprise energy monitoring and management services powered by Talisen’s Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP). Thus, the buildings in Dubai will further enhance the quality of retrofitting and energy conservation services provided by Etihad ESCO.

The proposed M&V Centre will enable Etihad ESCO to fully harness the potential of emerging smart technologies and Big Data analysis to ensure valuable savings for its clients. Furthermore, it will help benchmark Dubai’s Demand Side Management (DSM) Strategy targets and objectives set out under the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030, which include reducing Dubai’s electricity and water consumption by 30 per cent by 2030. The increased integration of smart technologies into Etihad ESCO’s services supports the Smart Dubai 2021 strategy set forth by the government to promote adoption of technological innovations that benefit the city’s people; it’s economy; and resources.

Ali Al Jassim, CEO of Etihad ESCO, said: “We are glad to enter into this strategic agreement with Talisen during WETEX 2018. We have been working together since a year after we signed the MoU last year and we are certain that Talisen understands our commitment towards making Dubai built environment a leading example of energy efficiency for the region and the world. M&V centre will further reflect this commitment by helping us with most advanced and innovative technologies to ensure we deliver value to our customers and will also bring us one step closer towards our sustainability goals.”

George Brill, CEO, Talisen Technologies, Inc, said: “We are very excited to enter into this partnership with Etihad ESCO and contribute towards Dubai’s energy savings target. We understand Etihad ESCO’s requirement and hope to leverage our expertise in the field to develop the most innovative M&V centre in the region.”

Etihad ESCO is a DEWA venture that was established in 2013 to make Dubai built environment a leading example of energy efficiency for the region and the world. Etihad ESCO aims to create viable performance contracting market for energy service companies by auditing and proposing energy conservation measures to major building contractors/developers, adding significant momentum to the ongoing sustainability efforts in the emirate.


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