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Exotica’s UnReal Collection Is a Colorful Ode to All Those Fighting Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness is a crucial topic that has seen countless brands and individuals rally for its cause. As one of Lebanon’s iconic brands, Exotica has been dedicated to spreading the word around social causes for 40 years, among which is the much needed conversation around breast cancer. For that occasion, the flower expert launched its latest collection, dubbed Exotica’s UnReal Collection. Stemming from the fact that even fresh flowers can become potentially harmful for fighters battling breast cancer, or any cancer for the matter, the UnReal Collection includes artificial flowers and arrangements that loved ones can enjoy and keep by their side, no matter how hard real life gets.

As part of the awareness campaign, Exotica held a special workshop in its newest branch located in the Naqqache  area, as a positive stand against an illness that has long affected our society. The workshop gathered a group of ladies, including cancer survivors, as well as key socialites and influencers, in order to give them the opportunity to unwind and design their own UnReal Bouquet in the company of Exotica professionals, who guided them through the entire process. The gathering stood for more than just a flower arrangement workshop; in a moment of despair caused by breast cancer, it is important to stay hopeful and keep a positive energy flowing no matter how harsh the circumstances can become. Every bouquet created during the workshop symbolized just that: a bouquet of hope that reminds fighters to keep on fighting, as well as emphasizing the significance of getting checked in order to avoid reaching the point of no return.

   In pure Exotica fashion, the flower retailer tackles topics that are sometimes regarded as taboo and are swept under the rug. Exotica’s UnReal Collection is nothing short of an example of an initiative that has its core values directed towards the society’s well-being, especially that parts of these bouquets’ proceeds will go to the Lebanese Breast Cancer foundation. The collection is a hope-filled and colorful ode to all those who are affected, or know someone who is/has been affected by breast cancer.

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