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Continuing its journey, and marking its 75th year, IKEA, the region’s favourite Swedish home furnishing brand, helps celebrate oneself and individuality with its new catalogue launch. Centred on the impact of our surrounding environments, the brand highlights a truth which is often short-sighted, a fast-paced everyday life that has de-humanized the nation. With the help of the IKEA 2019 Catalogue, IKEA wants to remind people the importance of fostering a home environment that can make you feel alive again.

Presenting the story of a humanoid robot, IKEA wants to shed light on the rigid way of life which is in dire need of a repair. Where life could be cold, monotonous and filled with routine on the outside. Narrating its story through the lens of a non-human individual, IKEA showcases the story of the modern man, a story of an average person going home from work. Displaying the transformative power of an individual’s home, IKEA enables the many people to make their homes personal, warm, comfortable, peaceful, and harmonious again, and decorated purposefully by each member of the family.

IKEA makes people feel alive again.


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