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The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom: A 60-year anniversary with a holistic and progressive approach

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is celebrating worldwide this year its 60th anniversary.

On Thursday November 8, FNF Lebanon and Syria, will be celebrating at STATION, Jisr El Wati, the 60th anniversary with three major events under one banner “The Three 60 Day” to showcase their ideas and to reflect, engage and celebrate in the spirit in which FNF is operating in Lebanon.

“The Three 60 Day” symbolizes not only 3 events and 60 Years, but it also stands for the holistic, progressive and digital approach the foundation adheres to in its activities.


Beirut Market Economy Forum 2018

The celebration day will start with the “Beirut Market Economy Forum 2018” under the topic “Is corruption a social behaviour or an outcome of political and economic defect?”. It is the grand final of the “Freedom Academy”, an annual FNF academy that brings together Youth from the Liberal political parties in Lebanon to discuss Liberal issues within the fields of politics and economy.

Key issues will be raised such as success stories on how to combat corruption and data and facts related to corruption will be also presented.


Rights Keepers

Under the patronage of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, H.E Nouhad Machnouk, follows a second discussion panel themed “Rights Keepers” to raise the issue of Human Rights  and Security and to answer questions such as : “How can Human Rights and Security meet? How can Human Rights international standards feed national insecurities?”

One of the objectives of this panel is to shed the light on the Internal Security Forces new strategy in which the police forces are no longer perceived as Security Keepers but rather as “Rights Keepers”.

This panel is organized by FNF Lebanon and Syria and the Lebanese Organization for Defending Equality and Rights (LOUDER) to address challenges in protecting human rights while dealing with insecurity in Lebanon.





The Berlin experience in Beirut

A celebratory reception and party – starting 7:00 pm until the early morning hours – will close the day. FNF Lebanon and Syria will bring the Berlin experience to Beirut with a Berlin-style exhibition of the foundation’s work and music by DJ Marc Pick from Berlin. The celebration will be in the spirit in which FNF is operating in Lebanon for some years now: Innovative, open, enthusiastic and creative.

The evening will start with an official reception hosted by the Lebanese actor and TV presenter Tony Abou Jaoudeh.


Registration to the “The Three 360 Day” can be done through http://360.fnst.org with a chance to win a trip to Germany.


About The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF)

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is a creative platform for innovation, with the aim of enhancing the values and goals of liberalism worldwide. From its establishment until now, FNF grew constantly and became a globally-operating NGO. In April 2007, the foundation´s name was extended by “for Freedom” to underline the concept of “Marketing for Freedom” worldwide. Today, the label “for Freedom” is widely associated with successful projects.

FNF promotes liberal thinking and liberal policies in cooperation with her local partners through activities of civic education, international political dialogue, and political counseling. Our civic education activities consist of seminars, conferences, hackathons, innovation forums and publications aimed at promoting liberal values and policies, empowering entrepreneurs and engaging citizens to exercise their rights of political participation. We also provide scholarships for talented individuals. The headquarters are located in the city of Potsdam and we maintain offices all over Germany together with project offices in over 60 countries worldwide.


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