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Front-row seats from the comfort of your living room with Samsung’s QLED TV

The way people consume content via their television has changed over the past few years, with on-demand and streaming becoming the norm. Samsung’s QLED TV offers an immersive cinema-like experience, with incredible picture and sound quality, as well as smart features and a unique design that promises to bring family and friends together in the living room.


Samsung uses groundbreaking Quantum dot technology to achieve image clarity not found in any other TV on the market. Most TV displays suffer as brightness increases resulting in color distortion but Samsung QLED TVs, with a color volume of 100 percent, offer more realistic, accurate and vibrant HDR images on screen. The world’s first cadmium-free Quantum dots, developed exclusively by Samsung, ensure consistent color quality from different viewing angles, in both brightly lit and darker rooms[1].


Samsung expertise and HDR10+ technology has combined to produce a wider range of brightness and contrast, bringing all the image nuances to life. The new TV has the highest level of contrast available on a Samsung TV, ensuring that every image appears in lifelike detail and clarity. HDR 10+ technology optimizes every scene for accurate color and crisper details.


The TV’s superior theater experience extends beyond the confines of the display itself. The true-to-life visuals are boosted by lifelike audio performance, thanks to the latest innovations in sound technology. The rich, full sound is big enough to fill the room, yet detailed enough to deliver realistic, cinematic sounds, from an arrow shooting across a field to a bird flying overhead.


Simple designs and smart living are increasingly defining the interiors of modern homes. Your own space will turn into a minimalist heaven with the TV’s new One Connect Box that gathers all your connections, so boxes and devices are not in plain sight.


In fact, you can manage your home through your TV by connecting with a broad range of smart devices and appliances via Samsung Cloud, from your fridge to your mobile. A single, sleek remote controls all compatible connected devices so you don’t miss the movie while grabbing a snack from the kitchen.


Nothing distracts from the décor of a room as unsightly TV cables strewn across the floor and walls. Samsung got rid of messy cables and the black screen, which allows more freedom of space and aesthetics.


Without the black screen, the TV blends seamlessly into the room. You can use its Ambient Mode to elevate your room with your own photos, weather forecasts or news headlines or even play light background music. Not only that, it has the ability to disappear by mimicking the texture of the wall behind it.


You are just a few clicks away from bringing the cinema into your home with a massive library of high-quality 4K UHD HDR movies and shows. The new QLED TV features a Universal Guide that recommends popular shows and content tailored just for you, so you can watch more of what you love.




[1] https://www.techradar.com/news/samsungs-upcoming-qled-tvs-have-world-first-100-percent-color-volume


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