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GarfieldEats First Digital Restaurant to Launch in Dubai

GarfieldEATS is an innovative mobile application where users can both order their food find entertainment on the same platform.  Nathen Mazri, a young Arab entrepreneur, launched the first ever Quick Mobile Restaurants (QMR) based on entertaining and engaging (entergaging) with the customer as a replacement to the traditional Quick Service Restaurants (QSR).


GarfieldEATS app also enables users to watch Garfield comics- the world’s most readable comedic cat born in the early 1980s – or play games while waiting for their Garfield shaped pizza or lasagna prepared in a wooden oven.  As for the ingredients, only the finest organic farm products in the UAE are sourced. GarfieldEATS also enables users to enjoy Garfield’s favorite Garvelicino coffee made from 100% Arabica coffee from Italy along with other delicious ingredients such as fruits, spices and dark chocolate.


In line with Dubai’s vision for a sustainable environment, GarfieldEATS relies only on eco-friendly methods including green electric scooters to deliver orders, in addition to the specially designed pizza boxes with guidelines to form plates and reusable cups. GarfieldEATS will officially launch in Dubai on May 12.


Founders Nathen Mazri and Pascal Haider were both born at a time where Garfield figure was spreading throughout the world and admired his unique personality and passion for Italian cuisine. Inspired by the most famous orange cat, Nathen and Pascal chose Garfield to help them achieve a global transformation in entergaging applications. Backed by artificial intelligence technology and voice recognition, users can now enjoy ordering their favorite food with ease.

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