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GUERLAIN Abeille Royale Bee Glow AquaCushion (skincare) pressmaterial 2018

Matte or powdery effects are old hat. Today’s women are now looking for “honey glow skin”, skin that is bursting
with moisture, luminous and as smooth as honey. Taking its inspiration from this trend, Guerlain has created Bee Glow, a fluid offering optimal hydration that combines unprecedented benefits.

It infuses skin with moisture while giving it a “wet-look” effect that highlights facial volumes. The face is perfectly smooth and radiates a real glow. Available in a travel-friendly version with this cushion incorporating the ultrafresh
Aqua Gel formula, Bee Glow slips into your bag for practical use throughout the day. A fresh moisturiser, it peps up skin and also plays the role of an illuminating make-up primer or a finisher after make-up to illuminate the key structural points of the face.
The cushion comes in two shades: one ultra-fair shade for a rosy illuminating finish, and the other natural for a golden illuminating finish.
Abeille Royale Bee Glow Aqua Cushion Dewy Effect Hydrating Cushion, available in two shades.
Price in Guerlain Boutiques: €77 Available from 1 September 2018

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