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GUERLAIN HABIT Rouge Dress Code (Male Fragrance)

In 1965, Guerlain created Habit Rouge, his first oriental for men, blazing a new fragrance trail that revolutionised the art of perfumery. A real sensory shock, Habit Rouge offered an unprecedented composition for the time, bringing together contrasts: the freshness and bitterness of citrus with the warmth of oriental notes.
In 2015, Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s Master Perfumer, gave us his interpretation of the famous dandy rider.
In 2018, Habit Rouge is changing its look Younger and more modern, our neo-dandy jumps more readily onto his
scooter than a thoroughbred, but he shares the same elegance, the same nonchalance, the same culture of the beautiful, with his elder sibling. In short, the same Dress Code. This year, he wears a dark tailored suit, featuring an
audacious pattern that brings back the signature Habit Rouge’s colors.
For this Eau de Parfum, Thierry Wasser offers an incisively fresh opening, set off with spicy notes. The heart beats to the pace of its woody notes, but to a suppler tempo. The final sillage blends the roundness of praline with the
elegance of leather notes to form an addictive accord.
Speed, gentleness, freshness, generosity: in its own style, Dress Code falls in line with this tradition of contrasting sensations that distinguishes Habit Rouge’s elegance and success.
Eau de Parfum – 100mL 2018
Limited Edition

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