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Introducing Le Gemme new masculine trilogy, the latest in Bvlgari’s High Perfumery Collection


“Men have used musks since the dawn of time. They were essential components in the first fragrances, created to allow early man to communicate with the gods.

The inspiration for this new trilogy comes from the color of the stones, and the stones themselves. I had immediately to think of musk. I used here pure and crystalline musks for Opalon, opulent musks for Falkar, and powdery wood musks for Yasep.

Musks are in Bvlgari’s DNA – they provide an element of sensuality and cleanliness mixed with fresh inflections, which produce very different feelings on your skin. They are often used as a sort of background to set a tone that is then punctuated by other notes. they help reveal the beauty of other ingredients. It’s like in a painting, to see the colors you need a background. For perfumes it is the same.”

Jacques Cavallier, Master Perfumer

The Trilogy

Opalon – The White Opal; Yasep – Red Jasper; Falkar – Falcon’s Eye

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