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Joyce Azzam climbs the 6th mount of her “7 Summits” project

Lebanese mountaineer Joyce Azzam achieved the 6th dream of her “7 Summits” project, after reaching the peak of the highest mountain in Antarctica – Mount Vinson (4,897 meters). With the latter achievement, Azzam becomes the first Lebanese woman to reach the highest summit of the southernmost continent, from which she proudly raised the Lebanese flag, thanking all those who supported her dream, and particularly Prime Minister Saad Hariri, with whom she had a phone conversation after reaching the summit, in addition to her main sponsor Alfa Telecommunications, and her media partner, Future TV.

Azzam will pursue her dream by working towards achieving the upcoming challenge, climbing Mount Everest in spring 2019, followed by reaching the peaks of the two poles, in order for her to achieve “The Explorers Grand Slam” project.

Joyce Azzam’s aim isn’t limited to climbing mountains, but encouraging youth to believe in their dreams and overcoming life’s challenges. Moreover, she carries her love for Lebanon in every single expedition around the world, aiming to empower Lebanese women and highlight their determination and strength.

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