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Khalifa Fund to officially sponsor ‘The Rage Festival 2019’

The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (KFED) has announced its participation as an official sponsor at The Rage Festival 2019, which will take place from 6 to 8 March at Umm Al Emarat Park. The festival incorporates a range of new features at this year’s edition; including live theater and stand-up comedy, as well as fashion trends and a range of foods and drinks from around the world.

The Fund participates in the festival through a series of SMEs from the food, beverage and retail sectors; seeking to support local entrepreneurs and projects by giving them the chance to participate in events and activities that strengthen their position in local markets and support their sustainable growth.

H.E. Abdulla Saeed Al Darmaki, CEO of Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, said: “We are delighted to announce our participation as an official sponsor at The Rage Festival, one of the most important fashion, food and beverage event in Abu Dhabi. Our participation falls in line with our strategy to support entrepreneurship and encourage young people to innovate within SMEs and vital sectors in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The Fund continues to work towards creating an incubating business environment for growth, development and entrepreneurship through the implementation of several initiatives and programs that support entrepreneurs and SMEs to achieve sustainable growth and contribute to the achievement of the objectives of economic diversification in the UAE.”

During its participation, Khalifa fund will also showcase crafts and heritage products developed under the “Sougha” initiative, aimed at preserving traditions. The participation will include a live performances of locally products made from Khous, and one of the oldest crafts of the embroidery industry (Talli)Other projects involved in the festival that are supported by the Fund include: “AlZamen AlJameel Gifts”, which combines the originality and traditions of our past with modern present; “Black Café Food Stuff Catering”, a mobile coffee shop that provide the finest cold drinks and the finest Hot drinks, desserts and fresh cakes; “Space Café”, a café that provides a dining experience which offer different products including hot & cold beverages, breakfast and desserts; “Stella’s Sweet Boutique For Sweet L.L.C”, a quirky and contemporary pastry and dessert dine in lounge that offers a relaxed and comfortable haven for all dessert and coffee enthusiasts; “Food shed Restaurant”, that uses high quality produce from farms across the UAE to create nutritious, healthy meals; “Sugar Art Sweets”, that makes handmade candies in an extraordinary, sculptural process; “o 3 Zone”, the concept of the project is to establish a premium restaurant inside Abu Dhabi that offers local and GCC cuisine; “Al Tajer Al Watani Trading LLC- Royce Chocolate”, that combines freshness and finest chocolates with various signature blends, flavors, creamery and a hint of prestige fillings; “Crafty Cottage”, a professional art & hand crafts that supplies and offers tutorials on certain products.

Since its establishment, Khalifa Fund has been keen to participate extensively in many local and international events, festivals and exhibitions; identifying the importance of promoting sustainable entrepreneurship opportunities in Abu Dhabi and the UAE and supporting the social development process of the country by encouraging entrepreneurs to lead, create, innovate, and excel.

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