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LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital Inaugurates its 3 New Floors

The leading academic medical facility LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital inaugurated 3 new floors to reiterate its commitment to excellence in patients care. In the presence of management, doctors and press, Dr. Joseph Jabbra, president of LAU, toured around the two new oncology, in-patient and out-patient, floors and pediatric floor, where a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in addition to short Q&A session with the heads of the previously stated medical departments.

The in-patient oncology floor includes 12 beds and the main services provided are leukemia, chemotherapy, neutropenic and medical oncology, and the out-patient floor has a capacity of 7 rooms. As for the pediatric in-patients, the floor can accommodate 12 kids at once. All floors include first class and second class rooms and a professional medical staff to provide the best health care needed.

“We are committed to excellence in patients care here at LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital,” said Dr. Jabra. He addressed the invitees adding: “With the refurbishing of the 3 new floors, the hospital can now accommodate more patients and create an atmosphere of well-being and comfort to all of them, as we aim to provide an outstanding patient-centered care. The staff and medical team are devoted to keeping a watchful eye on anyone who walks through our doors.”

At the end of the tour and to celebrate the Christmas season, everyone was invited to gather in the hospital’s garden to witness the lighting of the Christmas tree in a festive and joyful mood.

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