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Le Mythe: New multi-million dollar investment announced in new private club concept in Naccache

The new investment at Le Mythe aimed at introducing a new private club concept for a select segment of social elites in the area, comes amid a strong demand to establish such clubs in the vicinity of Rabieh and Naccache.

This multi-million dollar is the brain child of investors, who believe in Lebanon and show an act of faith in its economy, by providing sustainable opportunities for work and partnerships for numerous local professionals and companies through the new project.

Le Mythe is meant to be the new preferred destination for the people who wish to relax, network and enjoy their time with a private circle of peers and friends. This club is designed to be the ultimate scene, for get-togethers, meetings, and social events, for a chosen crowd of business people and social figures. They will be able to enjoy the only venue, which extends a certain standard, not seen before in a private club in the country. This new club, will be a magnet for ladies and gentlemen alike, who wish to indulge in a lofty experience and get regaled with outstanding levels of comfort and service.

Le Mythe will offer a versatile choice of venues and function areas, each with a special theme, with a common focus on pure luxury and high end service, against uninflated fees to customers. All of those facilities will be staffed by a team of around 80 handpicked hospitality professionals who represent the quality that Le Mythe is looking to offer at the location.

Investing in an historical villa that enjoys a total area of 4,600 square meters in Naccache, Le Mythe is looking to operate exclusive restaurants and bars, a franchised Spa and year-round themed events and parties, expected to attract high net worth crowds, that can spend substantially in the place. These activities will in turn, activate work with about 40 suppliers, and the venture is expected to generate collateral business opportunities for partners in the luxury sector, who have common business targets with the brand.

Le Mythe is not only investing in attracting members and guests and working on providing the best environment for its cadre, but it will be a CSR- driven business. It will have a serious recycling zero waste policy and is also planning to host fundraisers supporting various causes throughout the year, capitalizing on the caliber of cause-embracing people who frequent it.

With the launch being very imminent, Le Mythe is expected to welcome 300 exclusive members to benefit from unprecedented personalized privileges.

“First off, this project is a testimony of our confidence in our country and its economic resilience as we are venturing into an investment that has got a promising potential and will provide a strong catalyst to revive business in the luxury hospitality sector. We are very positive that our groundbreaking initiative will see success in a short lapse of time. We see a real opportunity here for a new private club experience in the area,” said Mrs. Sandra Haddad spokesperson of Le Mythe.


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