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Lebanon Bottle Recovery Program, a breakthrough program beckoning an environmentally friendly approach

Under the patronage and presence of the Lebanese Minister of Tourism HE Avedis Guidanian, Diageo announced the launch of the “In Good Spirit – Bottle Recovery Program” (IGS-BRP) in partnership with “arcenciel and Development Inc.” at the Press Club, Furn El Cheback, on the 5th of December 2017.


The program is carried out in collaboration with and with the contribution of key wines and spirits distributors in Lebanon: G Bocti SAL, Est Antoine Massoud and Fattal Group; It gained the endorsement of the Ministry of Tourism and the Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants.

Mr. Avedis Guidanian praised the industry for this pioneering initiative that bring together both NGOs and the private sector, to further support and protect Lebanon’s hospitality and tourism sectors. “Lebanon is considered a prime tourism destination, where entertainment and hospitality are foundational to the wellbeing and prosperity of this sector which is a key pillar in the Lebanese economy; we do need initiatives like “In Good Spirit” designed to promote a positive attitude towards the spirits industry, preserve the environment and serve the community.”

George Rbeiz, General Manager Diageo Middle East & North Africa says, “ Since its establishment in 1997, Diageo has always supported local communities through the delivery of innovative sustainable development programs; Together with our industry partners are committed to continuous community support and truly believe in allocating the right resources and dedication to drive positive change.

The Lebanon Bottle Recovery Program (LBRP) initiative uses a robust innovative technology called Rejects of Glass and Plastic

(ROGP) developed by Development Inc. This technique transforms all types of plastics and glass rejects into a fused compound; the ingenious recycled material is then transformed into solid sheets that are molded into various elements used for building public amenities, construction, and design products. Spirits glass bottles are deposited in special bins designed for the purpose and then collected on daily basis by arcenciel.



The initiative also aims at promoting environmental and sustainable welfare to the community while encouraging companies, industries and consumers to follow the path. It is worth mentioning that the project will be expanded to other Mediterranean markets with the support of the European Union and the participation of various companies and innovation groups.

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