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LG pledges its commitment to providing quality health products

Basic human rights involve equal health benefits to all human beings. Unfortunately, till this day, this notion stands weak as half of the world’s population does not receive the essential health services they need.  Lebanon, a third world developing country, is now home to 6 million Lebanese people and 1 million registered Syrian refugees (source: UNHCR).  The country’s state of living has dropped to the ground as more and more citizens suffer from poor living conditions along with a garbage crisis, water crisis, electricity crisis, and malnutrition in some areas of the country. These, are conveniences known to be basic living rights.

Nonetheless, the Lebanese people are mavens at finding survival methods that improve one’s state of living. Lebanon’s healthcare and technological innovation have seen a rapid increase as reliable access to food and medicine are no longer being out of reach even to those facing financial hardship. All thanks to unprecedented medical innovation which the world has witnessed in the past 100 years as well as improved standards of living, all of which are directly tied back to health and increased productivity. Understanding this notion, that healthier lives create more productive lives, LG pledged to sustain its position at the forefront of providing product ranges which capitalize on technology’s potential to benefit users worldwide.

The Benjamin Franklin axiom that, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is as true today as it was when Franklin made the quote. Governments around the world are rolling out public-centric preventive health initiatives for the greater good, while the Lebanese government ceases to agree on plans that can finally give the Lebanese people 24/7 access to clean drinkable water and electricity as well as finding a way to recycle the garbage. Air pollution has doubled, viruses have tripled and the infrastructure for ongoing electricity and water are still at a halt.

April 7, marked the World Health Organization’s (WHO) World Health Day Theme #HealthForAll. The theory suggests that by minimizing health-related productivity loss, it will be easier to keep the economy moving at full speed. Even more encouraging is how continued innovation has driven down costs and allowed treatments that were once exclusively for the elite to be accessed by more patients. However, the fight is far from finished. Managing Director of LG Levant, Hong Ju Jeon, commented on this occasion saying, “Safeguarding health requires a comprehensive approach that takes all potential risk factors into account. Just as each human is different, each environment has subtle differences which affect long-term health. This is why LG is creating products that can improve health and living standards for all.”

Nonetheless, all this innovation and advancement has its downside. It is a double-edged sword that has given rise to unhealthy eating habits. Obesity is a major health problem, due to its relationship with serious medical illnesses and significant economic consequences. Lebanon stands at a 52.77% of its population suffering from obesity.  As this number continues to rise, dieting rises and the importance of fresh ingredients and home-cooked meals comes to light. However, as we live in a fast paced world, men and women no longer have free time to spend on cooking healthy meals.

LG’s range of smart kitchen solutions are ideal for people who have little time on their hands to cook a healthy meal. The need for convenient and time-saving products has become a must. In addition to intuitive interfaces that simplify even the most complex dishes, the appliances offer a range of features that boost convenience for those looking to eat right. Smart oven settings cook food more naturally and efficiently, locking healthy nutrients in, and keeping harmful fats and sodium out. The LG NeoChef™ microwave is equipped with an easy and intuitive UI for enhanced user-friendly. LG’s Smart Inverter technology reduces cooking time while making it easier for home chefs to create tastier, healthier dishes. The technology’s linear power control ensures that food can be reheated or defrosted more evenly, also contributing to lower cooking times. The Smart Inverter also allows for creative uses, such as yogurt making, melting chocolate or butter and dough proofing. The Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™ Coating inside NeoChef eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria with just three wipes. The glossy front panel combined with a refined matte exterior highlights the minimalistic design which allows the NeoChef to seamlessly blend in with the décor of any kitchen.

Time is the world’s most valuable commodity. It seems like there is never enough time in the day to accomplish everything that one wishes to complete. Health is another valuable commodity which, is being abused causing health risks on human lives, when it comes to eating habits. Technology however, does have the power to solve such problems that we all share by increasing productivity. Technology has the ability to help us manage our time better in order to cook healthier homemade meals. LG’s extensive portfolio of products make it possible for users worldwide to live lives that are happier, healthier and more productive.


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