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LGB BANK signs a financing agreement with the European Investment Bank worth 95 million euros to support SMEs

As part of its commitment to support the Lebanese economy and to complement its previous initiatives to finance small and medium enterprises (SMEs), LGB BANK obtained a credit line from the European Investment Bank for 95 million Euros which will serve as a key driver for economic growth, SMEs development, and job creation.

The signing of the financing agreement with the European Investment Bank falls under LGB BANK’s initiative to encourage the Lebanese economy by aiming to create sustainable employment opportunities and improve growth prospects by supporting SMEs, given the importance of this sector and the economic and social impact it has on the economy and the society as a whole.

“This cooperation will contribute to support the access to finance to SMEs in Lebanon, taking into account the important role these companies play in creating job opportunities, talents, innovation and economic growth,” said Samer Itani, Vice Chairman and CEO of LGB BANK.

Itani concluded by expressing his gratitude for the confidence granted to LGB BANK by international Institutions such as the European Investment Bank, which reflects positively on the Lebanese economy and the business sector.

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