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LG’s Smart Technology Tailored for Her

With more and more companies adopting the gender diversity agenda on top of their vision for the future and with women increasingly doing their part in earning as much bachelor degrees and negotiating salaries as well as management positions, it is increasingly evident that consumer electronics brands should be catering their offerings to today’s empowered women. Today, LG, one of the world’s most premier consumer electronics brand sees women as tomorrow’s early tech adopters, decision-makers, and influential figures in smart technology; thus, catering their products to what the women of today and the future want.

Alongside today’s leading penetrative rates of women in the workplace and universities comes the importance of technology in a person’s day to day activities, with the prime example being laptops and specifically lightweight laptops. LG offers today’s aspiring leaders the state of the art LG gram laptop that replaces heavy school material, work documents as well as books and guarantees the user to stay connected with its over 19 hours of battery life. The model provides its user with a 2-in-1 model that can turn into a tablet perfect for taking notes, brainstorming ideas or even a sketch board for ones pursuing a career in the creative fields.

In a 2015 report entitled The Cognitive Consequence of Formal Clothing, researchers asked subjects to change into formal clothes or casual ones before taking cognitive tests. The results came in with a general consensus that individuals who wear formal clothing have better abstract thinking abilities. Realizing the power of the “smart attire” LG has devised the LG styler, herald of the future of total wardrobe care. The styler saves the user expensive trips to the dry cleaning with its TrueSteam Steam cleaning technology eliminating over 99.9% of germs and leaving their smart attires crisp clean. Not only does it guarantee its user a fresh look but its eloquent design serves as a perfect addition to your household.

Cordless robotic vacuums have seen a steady rise in popularity in the latest years. While subsequent version of such robots had limited abilities in suction and power, today’s latest vacuum come with extra options such as Google Assistant and Alexa connectivity making it a connected device to your LG arsenal of appliances, an innovative design making it almost noise-free. Indeed, consumers around the world are starting to prefer such robots over the traditional canister and stick vacuum given the vast amount of time that it would save.

As consumers become increasingly involved in designing their workplaces as well as their kitchens, LG’s convenient yet performing built-in appliances offer a wide range of appliance styles to choose from. Such appliances blend in perfectly with their surroundings to achieve increased space efficiency. Nevertheless, LG hasn’t given up on performance when designing the perfect smart kitchen appliances, LG’s latest smart kitchens provide the cooks with the latest technology to achieve the ideal culinary experience for the entire family.

As gender equity, parity and equality have become at the forefront of the debate of the genders, brands such as LG have sought the optimal options for their female consumers. Kim Donghyeon, MD of LG Levant reiterated: “With many tech companies adopting such gender equality policies on their agendas, positive change has been at the forefront of such reprecussions amidst an increasingly equal and globalized world.”

Empowering women through appliances created with convenience through performance set in mind, LG is on its way to set a high reaching standard to create optimal environments with the help of its appliances so that today and tomorrow’s women can flourish in a setting that is more suited for them.


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